UNIV 111 Focused Inquiry I UNIV 112 Focused Inquiry II
MGMT 171 Mathematical Applications MGMT 212 Calculus
Select two courses from (a) – (d) below Select two courses from (a) – (d) below
Non-business Elective or INFO 160, 161, 162 Non-business Elective or SPCH 121 or 321

ACCT 203 Introduction to Accounting I ACCT 204 Introduction to Accounting II
ECON 210 Principles of Economics (Micro) ECON 211 Principles of Economics (Macro)
ENGL 200/UNIV 200, Writing and Rhetoric MGMT 323 Legal Environment of Business
Select one course from (a) – (d) below Select one course from (a) – (d) below
Non-business Elective Non-business Elective

COURSE Prerequisites
ECON 301 Microeconomic Theory ECON 210-211
ECON 303 Managerial Economics ECON 210-211, MGMT 212
MGMT 301 Business Statistics MGMT 212 Calculus
MGMT 319 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 325 Organizational Communication ENGL /UNIV200 Writing and Rhetoric


COURSE Prerequisites
ECON 302 Macroeconomic Theory ECON 210-211
ECON 307 Money and Banking ECON 210-211 or ECON 203
FIRE 311 Financial Management ACCT 203-204 or ACCT 202, pre or co requisite
MGMT 301 or equivalent course in statistics
MGMT 320 Production/Operations Management MGMT 301
Select one course from (a) – (d) below


COURSE Prerequisites
Econ 401 Econometrics, or MGMT 302 Business Statistics II* ECON 210-211, MGMT 301
ECON elective See below
ECON elective See below
INFO 360 Competency in word processing and spread sheets
MKTG 301 ECON 210-211 OR ECON 203
*ECON 401 may be used as a 400-level ECON elective if MGMT 302 is taken as required choice


COURSE Prerequisites
MGMT 434, Strategic Management Completion of all Business Core Classes:
MGMT 301, MKTG 301, FIRE 311, MGMT 319, MGMT 320, MGMT 323, MGMT 325, INFO 360, ECON 303
ECON Elective See below
ECON Elective See below
ECON Elective See below
Business or non business general elective

Economics Electives:

Course Prerequisites
ECON 305 Public Finance – State and Local ECON 210 or ECON 203
ECON 306 Public Finance – Federal ECON 210 or ECON 203
ECON 312 E-commerce and Markets for Info. Goods ECON 210 or ECON 203
ECON 313 Economics of Transportation ECON 210 or ECON 203
ECON 315/AFAM 315/INTL 315 Economic Devel. ECON 210 or ECON 203
ECON 321/URSP 321 Urban Economics ECON 210 or ECON 203
ECON 325 Environmental Economics
ECON 329/INTL 329 International Economics ECON 210-211
ECON 401 Introduction to Econometrics ECON 210-211, MGMT 301 or STAT 210
ECON 402 Business Cycles and Forecasting ECON 210-211
ECON 403 Introduction to Mathematical Economics ECON 210-211, MGMT 212
ECON 419/HIST 333 History of Economic Thought ECON 210-211
ECON 421 Government and Business ECON 210-211
ECON 431 Labor Economics ECON 301-302, MGMT 301 or STAT 210
ECON 491 Topics in Economics
ECON 492 Independent Study in Economics Dept. and instructor approval required
ECON 493 Internship in Economics Dept. approval required

VCU Core and General Education Courses
A minimum of one course must be taken in (a) through (c) below
Select remainder of 21 credits from any other courses (a) through (c) or from list (d)
(a) Humanities Minimum 3 credit hours
ENGL 215 Readings in Literature
HIST 201 The Art of Historical Detection
HUMS 250 Reading Film
MASC/INTL 151 Global Communications
PHIL 201 Critical Thinking About Moral Problems
PHIL 250 Thinking About Thinking
RELS 108 Human Spirituality
WRLD/INTL 203 Cultural Texts and Contexts
WRLD 230 Introduction to World Cinema
(b) Social Sciences (Minimum 3 credit hours) *
ANTH/INTL 103 Cultural Anthropology
ECON 101/INTL 102 Introduction to Political Economy
HUMS 300 Great Questions of the Social Sciences
POLI 103 U.S. Government
POLI/INTL 105 International Relations
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
SOCY 101 General Sociology
WMNS 201 Introduction to Women’s Studies
*If you are considering accounting as a major, POLI 103, US Government, or POLI/INTL 105, International Relations should be selected for your social/behavioral science.
(c) Sciences (Minimum 3 credit hours)
BIOL 101 Biological Concepts
BIOL/ENVS 103 Environmental Science
CHEM 110 Chemistry and Society
ENVS 201 Earth System Science
FRSC 202 Crime and Science
INSC 201 Energy!
PHYS 103 Elementary Astronomy
(d) Additional General Education Electives (Remainder of 21 credits)

Any 200-level ENGL literature course
Any foreign language course
Any honors module
Any HIST, INTL*, PHIL, POLI or RELS course
Any ANTH, PSYC or SOCY course except PSYC 214 Applications of Statistics, which business majors cannot take for degree credit
Any ARTH, DANC, MHIS, or THEA course open to non-arts majors
CHEM 101-102 General Chemistry
GEOG/ENVS 105 Physical Geography
PHYS 101 Foundations of Physics
PHYS 107 Wonders of Technology
PHYS 201-202 General Physics
*Except INTL 493 International Studies Internship

Rumors 9.7 of 10 on the basis of 3032 Review.