It’s floating in the air, whirling around as each minute passes of every day. It follows people throughout their lives, lagging just a step behind in places like school, stores, even in their own home. It’s a personal stalker in itself. Not one person can say they have had enough willpower to overcome the wrath of temptation. It’s like a bad cold; people try to avoid it as much as possible, but at some point, it gets the best of everyone.
It can be classified as right or wrong, good or bad, evil or innocent, either way, it’s known as temptation. People are seduced daily, whether it’s in a physical manner or a never-ending mind game. It’s that little guy sitting on someone’s right shoulder, speaking those devilish, but convincing words that the mind tries to tune out. Then there’s the one on their left shoulder, whispering in their ear, hoping to get their mind back to thinking logically. It always seems like a person’s conscious whispers, but their interests scream, so which one wins?
In school, students are always tempted to find the easy way out; even the “goodie-goods” can’t deny they haven’t felt the desire to cheat. Some students are too lazy to do their own assignments or use their own mind for a test, so they assume it’s better to copy someone else’s hard work and take the credit for it. For these types of students, their temptation overrules any chance of a guilty conscience. What they don’t realize at the time is that there are consequences for cheating including: a zero on the assignment, detentions, or even going on the permanent record of their high school career. Therefore, copying someone else’s work isn’t worth the risk, when it would only take a little bit of brain power to do it themselves.
Although cheating isn’t healthy, there are worse side effects of temptation. A normal walk through the mall with a few friends could turn into a dilemma at any minute, but only with the help from a seducing friend that hangs off their right shoulder. It’s when a young girl is window shopping, knowing she can’t afford anything, but a scandalous idea pops into her head. Steal it. Her conscious is telling her that it’s illegal, but then again, it would be free, quick, and easy. It is not her friend’s mind that tempts her; they can try to persuade her, but it is her own mind that is pulled to her wrongful ways. People have changed their minds from knowing that the act of stealing is wrong, to thinking it’s not stealing if they don’t get caught. Temptation is the factor of this particular state of mind, and the decision to give in shows the true colors of a person’s character.
Often people get sucked in to the dark side of temptation without even realizing it. People are killed each day by various things like an overdose of drugs, a car with a drunk driver operating it, and simply by their own kind, a human being. What triggers these obscene acts is the temptation to do it. Overuse of alcohol and drugs are harmful not just to themselves, but to the surrounding others too. Surrendering to these temptations can change a person completely. It can turn an innocent child into a rebellious wreck, or a good man into a criminal.
Temptation is a bittersweet feeling, being that there is something desirably alluring about the forbidden. Anyone can give in to these enticingly wrong things, but it’s that one person who has enough willpower to walk away that makes a difference. It takes strength, tolerance, and even practice to achieve resistance, because temptation is very strong itself. If everyone let their temptations take over their perspective of right and wrong, the world would be a corrupted place to live. The feeling of temptation cannot be learned; it’s the monster that comes from within. Therefore, only the person being persuaded by temptation can be the one to defeat it.http://www.oppapers.com/essays/Temptation/169836

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