When learning about my heritage I found out that I was mainly from Norway. After learning this I wanted to learn about where I came from and what the culture is like, also I wanted to do research because someday I want to visit there. For my I-search paper this is my topic. The only things I knew about my heritage is that my great-great-grandmother came from Norway and she only spoke Norwegian. I do not know that much about this country because my family did not talk about it that much and I have never studied anything about it or learned anything in school. Some things that I knew was before doing this paper is that I am a descendent of Leif Erickson the Viking that came to America before Christopher Columbus. I also knew that they speak Norwegian and that the word smorgasbord is a Norwegian word. I wanted to learn a lot about Norway because I don't know much about it. What I want to learn from this paper is many things such as, what is the role of women in Norway, is it different from America? How hard is it to adjust to the different culture of Norway? If I wanted to visit there what would I have to do, would I have to get a visa, and passport, what are my options? And if I went to visit what are the schools like, are they public or private do they have colleges? If I liked Norway and I wanted to live there how hard is it to find a job and what is the health system like? Many of the things that I want to know have to do with the living aspects of Norway and how it would be if I decide to live there.
While searching for my topic and all the things I wanted to learn I went to the library in school with my English class and found a few books about Norway's culture. These books were very helpful for they divided each section into its only little chapter such as food, culture, religion, education, and so on. For the few next class's I was absent because I was sick, but I did research at my house. I went to I found many things on this site because it was the main web page of Norway. It was very helpful because it gave you the site that has all of Norway's news also it gave me the passport print out which is very helpful for knowing what I would need to have to travel to this country. I search many other websites but they were not helpful I received much of my information for and
I did an interview with on of my teachers that visited Norway for a few weeks. It was very interesting interviewing her because she went and visited and knows what it was like there.
Q. How long were you in Norway?
A. Couple of weeks.
Q. Why did you decide to visit Norway?
A. My friend lives over there and I like to go different places.
Q. What was the feeling you received from the community?
A. They were very friendly, they are a homogenous community. They call the king and queen bicycle royalty because the palace doors are always open and they walk around town like you and me.
Q. What do you know about their public health system?
A. They have a big problem with alcohol and the public health, which is free sends out nurse and psychologist to help with that problem. There was a man lying on the main street passed out because he was drunk it was odd because everyone just walked around him like it was no big deal.
Q. What sticks out of your mind when you think of Norway?
A. They make a wonderful effort of space everything is open. You can go down the street and everything you need is with in walking distance.
Q. Did you get a different feel for the way women are treated?
A. Well I visit my friend who is a psychologist and what I saw was they women didn't have a secondary role, they were treated equal.

Norway 6.9 of 10 on the basis of 1613 Review.