Smoking Essay

Smoking Essay

Many teenagers today smoke, not only teenagers, but also adults. Even though the adults and grown-ups should go forth as a good example, for the younger generation or as I like to call it the youth of today. The major problem about smoking is that in consists of substance that is dangerous and can be addictive over a long period of time. Smokers say they need to smoke because it makes them feel good and more relaxed. It helps to concentrate more and feel at ease. Or, they may just need to smoke because it's so addicting. Despite these statements, the advantages and disadvantages just dont compare. One of the largest health disputes right now and for a very long time, has been smoking. No one seems to be doing much about the issue and the people that dont care the most and should, are the smokers. The smokers are the one's who need to know how bad it really is. It seems the non-smokers are the people who oppose against this topic because they are affected by it too.

Passive smoke, or second hand affects the non-smokers too. Tobacco smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals, including 200 known poisons. Every time someone smokes, poisons such as benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are released into the air, which means that not only is the smoker inhaling them but so is everyone else around him. Many studies now show that this secondhand smoke can have harmful effects on nonsmokers and even cause them to develop diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease. Secondhand smoke has an especially bad effect on infants and children whose parents smoke. A number of studies show that in their first two years of life, babies of parents who smoke at home have a much higher rate of lung diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia than babies with non-smoking parents.
Many young people start smoking because they think it is okey since their parents are smoking , or just for the fact that they think it is cool. Group pressure from friends can also be a cause for young teenagers to start smoking aswell. This is something that both parents and teachers can and should do something about. If everyone takes the first step too help out the smoking problems around the world be solved.
Today medical studies has proven that smoking is among the leading causes of diseases such as lung canser, heart attacks and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease also know as “kols” in norwegian. It can also lead to birth defekts. This can offcourse harm non-smokers aswell.

But even though smoking is everything but harmless it is still a major import export product all over the world. Here in Norway you cant see smoking much, apart from the once that does it. But still there is many countries that has tv comersials and big posters around advertising for different tobacco brands and suppliers. That is not allowed here in norway. Wich is a good thing. And the “non-public” smoking rule is also helping people to stop smoking here in norway. Places like restaurants, bars, nightclubs, airports etc is places that is under the non-smoking rule. Now days everyone has to go outside and smoke. Something that may not be that nice when it’s winter or a gray rain day.
Even though smoking tobacco as been going on since 5000 Bcin america there is still no one that does so much about it. It started of as a incense-burning ceremonies for the shamans it begann to take more and more form around sosial needs and just for pleasure. And the further we came in revolution and technology, there was putt more and more addictiv substances in tobacco and cigarettes. This way the once who are distrubuting the tobacca will make more money all the time, since the costumers always need more.
But luckely there is organisations that helps people quit smoking. More like groups were everyone is in the same boat and they help each other.wich is very good, thinking of tha 20-30% of the people that smoke at home has a much bigger chance of getting deseases that will eventually kill you slowly.

Even though most advertising in europe is not allowed they cant get it all. A good example of that is nickolas cage. When ever he smokes in a movie he always smoke the same brand , wich he probebly gets a lot of money for doing, makes his fans smoke the same brand.
From some research on the internett iv found out that the tobacco companies use around 18 billion dollars on advertising in one year. That is 16,5 million dollars a day. And most of these advertisments are ment for kids! The reason for that is because about 90% of smokers start by the time they are 18. The companies know that if they don't get kids to light up while they are young, they most likely never will. Children are so important to the tobacco industry that they've done research on them using hidden cameras, interviews, and psychological tests to find ways to get them to smoke.

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