Power and authority is complex. You can have very little power, some power, a lot of power, or just none at all. It is the same with authority. Having power doesn’t just mean the power you have amongst your friends, or to rule your friends, it can also mean the power of words. For example when you insult someone, it can dig deep and really affect the person being insulted. Authority is complex because you could have lost of authority in one area of you life but have no authority in other areas. For example, if you are in the 1st soccer team at school, your teammates with respect you and you can make or influence on their decisions. However, other kids that play other sports might not know you’re in the 1sts soccer team and therefore not respect you at all.

Major Creative Task Final Draft:

Based on from what I have seen in my circle of friends at home and at school, my assumption is that power and authority changes with everyone. My parents have authority over me and also have lots of power too. However, I notice that as I am getting older I am making more decisions for myself and becoming independent. For example, I now decide what I want to do after school each day, like whether I want to go to McDonalds or not, I choose what I want to do on weekends and also what I do over the holidays. So not only am I gaining for power and authority towards my parents, I already have power and authority over my sister.
When I am with my friends, my parents lose almost all of their power and authority over me. Nearly all of my decisions come from me and not from my parents influencing me. So I feel like I have much more freedom. For example, last Saturday night I went to the Good Life Music Festival and if my parents had a big impact on me I wouldn’t have gone. Some people have more or less authority because of what family they are born into. If you are born into the Queens family you automatically a respected person. People will look up to you. However, you have to be careful because if you make some bad decisions, it becomes a really big thing, even if it was only something small. And then you start getting people doing very similar acts because of the influence you have had on them. Another way some people gain power and authority in from their looks. Good-looking actresses are highly respected and looked up to. And if they are good looking and a good actress it makes them even more powerful. However, if they make bad decisions, it makes a much bigger impact on society then it would if that person wasn’t well known.
Bullies in school can have power and authority because everyone wants to become their friend so they don’t get hurt. People with wealth can also have power and authority over people because from what I have heard, some people just want to be friends with the rich kid because they have good assets. Like money, big house, boats, jet skis etc. So this just shows how being respected and having power and authority is usually a good thing but sometimes can be dangerous and you must be careful with how you use it.

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