Know How to Write a Cover Page Correctly

Know How to Write a Cover Page Correctly
How to Write a Cover Page – a Guideline
Knowing how to write a cover page is an essential part of research paper writing. It is the page that provides the reader with all the details about the thesis paper. A cover page is a formal part of a document that makes it possible for the reader to get an idea about the overall paper. And it is imperative that a good presentation is made in the cover page .The most important thing about a cover page is that it should be error free or else it will create a negative impression in the reader’s mind. Even if the whole paper is well written in the correct essay format and well researched with proper references and citations the whole effect would fall flat if the title page is not properly presented.
The cover page of any paper, be it a research paper, a term paper or it may also be a cover page of college paper, consists of certain essential information. First the name or title of the project is given. The title should be kept short and simple so as not to intimidate the reader at the first instance. Next will come the name of the writer(s) in alphabetical order with the surname first. After this, the instructor’s name will have to be written which will be followed by the class and course details. The date of submission needs to be given at the end. So the cover page should be aligned in this manner:
1.Title of the thesis paper of the writer of professor/instructor
4.course and subject details
5.class name and details of submission
The cover page should be computer generated in a standard white 8.5 by 11 inch paper and double spaced. The font chosen should be Times New Roman and font size is to be 12. The format followed for the cover page should be according to the specified format that is followed for the entire essay writing. The cover page being a formal paper should be devoid of any sort of showy designs or graphics. It should be neat and clutter free with a professional look and care should be taken to keep it entirely error free.

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