The mission of Amtrak will be to provide a faster, safer, more efficient way to transport company/individual goods with a high emphasize on customer and employee excellence.
The value proposition for customers who purchase our product include:
Faster and Reliable service:
With the Maglev we can transport goods faster and safer. Because of the Maglev’s technology we guarantee that your will receive your goods faster than other companies will try to advertise to you. We will also try to keep the physical movements of your goods to a minimum. We will make it easier for your goods to be delivered before and after delivery.
We have an optional protection program for your goods. Based on the amount of goods you try to transport you will be asked to pay an amount that can be used to cover your goods in case of lost/stolen goods (Insurance Coverage if something happens).
If you are a frequent customer and use our services often, you will be rewarded for your business. Amtrak will try to show our appreciation through our loyalty program and our customers can redeem these points for a free or discounted services and other rewards. We will also try to conduct surveys to find out how our customers will like to be rewarded.
Amtrak has tried to ensure excellent customer services for the past years and will continue to with this new addition to our company. We will try to make it easier for the customers so that each time they have to transport goods with our company they would not have to go through many steps.
As of 2006, Amtrak’s freight service became available at over 100 cities. With this new service we will extend this to over 300 cities and will extend our services overseas. In the past Amtrak has served it customers with a limited hours and with limited stations and most of the goods transported were small packages. With this new line we will like to extend our hours of operations and have many available stations to our customers to make it easier for them to get their goods on time and make it easier for them to deliver and pick up their goods.
Many companies only serve customers in specific industries which include agricultural product, automotive, coal, chemicals and fertilizer, food etc. We will extend our services to individuals and they can transport any goods they need to as long as it is legal. Amtrak is government owned so all the goods that are transported by our customers must be legal.
This market is a growing market. Some of the companies in the freight services market include CSX, Bay Line Railroad LLC, AN Railway LLC etc. These companies are in the freight business but use railroads to transport their goods. We are trying to start a new market by using MagLev to transport goods by freight.

In the future we will have a passenger car. And in this way we can transport both passengers and goods.
Passenger sales have been declining so we decided to shift base and start transporting goods.

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