Catherine Marshall is the author of the novel “Christy”. She was born in Johnson City, Tennessee in 1915. Catherine married Peter Marshall in 1940 and they had one son in1949. Her husband died from a heart attach when their son was only nine years old. Soon after his death, Catherine began writing. She married her second husband, Leonard LeSourd, in 1959. He was an editor. Catherine wrote over 20 novels. Her most famous novel is “Christy” which is the story of her own mother’s journey to the Appalachian Mountains.
Christy Huddleston is the main character in the novel “Christy”. Christy is a very intelligent young lady that lives in the city of Ashville. At the age of nineteen she decides to leave her family and become a teacher in the Appalachian Mountains of Cutter Gap , Tennessee. Christy is shocked and very overwhelmed at the poor living conditions and the harsh environment of the mountain people. It takes a long time before they begin to trust Christy. However, she does become good friends with Miss Alice whom has a strong faith in God. Miss Alice is not only a good friend, but also a wonderful role model and teacher of God’s word. Christy also becomes friends with Reverend David Grantland, Dr. Neil MacNeil, and Fairlight Spencer. There are many problems and hardships that the people of Cutter Gap face from being poor and uneducated to violence of family feuds and overcoming superstitions. Christy often loses faith and wants to give up, but through the encouragement from the children and her friends Christy continues to stay in Cutter Gap.
The biggest test of faith comes when typhoid hits the town of Cutter Gap and everyone is affected. Christy questions God’s existence when her friend Fairlight dies from typhoid and leaves behind several children. Reverend David questions his calling in the ministry and has to decide his future. With the help of Miss Alice and prayer he decides he is in the right place. Many of the mountain people become sick and it is then that they realize how much they need one another. Christy has been undecided on who she really loves throughout the novel. However, she becomes very sick with typhoid. During the illness she suffers high fevers and she has a lot of strange dreams. In one dream she sees Fairlight pulling her toward a white light, but in the distance she hers someone calling her back. At the same time Dr. Mac Neil’s faith in God is found and he is praying that Christy will live. When her fever begins to break and she awakens from her dream she realizes it was Dr. MacNeil calling for her. It is at this time that she realizes that Dr. MacNeil truly loves her and she loves him too.

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