Question 2

Source G is reliable as evidence about evacuees because it tells us about evacuees being placed in new homes during world war two. I know that 3 million people were evacuated in the 1st 4 days of the war. They were evacuated to safer places like the countryside where it would have been less likely to be bombed. Many people thought evacuees were poor and dirty and also sometimes thieves as they were from other places of the country and were not familiar faces. Some people didn't know what to expect. It quotes in Source G that Miss Evans told the evacuees to change into their slippers and Carrie replied that they haven't got any so Miss Evans jumped to the conclusion that they couldn't afford them, which wasn't the case. It was simply because they didn't have enough room in their cases. It also says in Source G, spoken by Miss Evans "Never mind as long as you're careful and keep to the middle of the stair carpet where its covered with a cloth." This gives the impression that she thought the evacuees were dirty.
Source G is also reliable as evidence about evacuees because Nina Bowden was evacuated herself so what she has written about ‘Carrie' she would of also experienced similar things. Also it's reliable saying that they didn't have room in their suitcases because some families might have not been able to afford them and if they did they might have not been very large.
In this picture it shows what some evacuees took their belongings in:

As you can see, they are not suitcases and they aren't very big.
However source G is not reliable as evidence about evacuees because it is an extract from a novel which means Nina Bowden may have made up things or even exaggerated on them. Also because it's a novel it is also fiction and she would have written it for children so she would have twisted some parts to make it more exciting and likely for more children to buy it. There is proof of exaggeration when it says "Not a spec of dust anywhere." Obviously this couldn't of been true because no house is that clean. Also back in those days the hovers may have not been very good and might have not picked up a lot of dust at all.
Source G is unreliable also because Nina Bowden wrote the novel in 1973, the war ended in 1945 so she would have written the novel 30 years later. She may have forgotten things about evacuation and even miss-remembered certain events.
In conclusion I think source G is reliable because although it may have some exaggeration in it Nina Bowden actually experienced evacuation and would have included some facts about it in her novel.http://www.oppapers.com/essays/Evacuation/110504

Evacuation 7 of 10 on the basis of 2052 Review.