Follow the Correct Essay Reference Pattern to Avoid Charges of Plagiarism

Follow the Correct Essay Reference Pattern to Avoid Charges of Plagiarism
Essay Reference – A Very Important Aspect of Writing.
Essay reference. This is an important part of research paper writing,term paper writing, school essay writing, that is , it is essential for any written project. There are certain rules which need to be followed while writing a paper. One of these rules dictate that the writer follow the correct essay format. The other rule is to give proper citations and references for directly quoted matter within the essay. Not to give references for directly cited matter would be charged as plagiarism and in the process destroy the credibility of the writer. To avoid such charges it is essential that while essay writing the writer gives proper referencing.
There are different types of formatting based on which citations and references vary from paper to paper. So before starting to write one should know about the required paper format. Another important thing to write a good essay is to know how to write essay outline.
It is very important that one should know the correct way to format a paper and give citations accordingly. The correct pattern would reflect the efficiency and professionalism of a writer which is an important aspect of writing. The following points are to be remembered while giving citations for an essay:
1.While giving citations it is important o follow the format pattern, however the basic information required is more or less the same for all formats. The directly quoted matter must give details such as the author’s name, the name of the book, publisher’s name, year of publishing, page number and when matter is taken from the net the url is to be given. All this done so that the reader has no problem checking with the original matter and finding the source material.
2.There are two places where one has to give citations. One is just after the quoted matter which is known as in-text citations and one at the end page(reference page) with all the available details. Incorrect form of citation is also at level with plagiarism.
3.A good essay most of the time will have directly quoted material. It serves to improve the value and quality of the essay. To have citations, only shows the knowledge and aptitude of the writer. It shows how many study materials have been consulted to write the paper and reflects the hard work of the writer.
4.Giving correct citations shows professionalism and expertise of the writer. The content matter of the essay may be very good but without proper referencing all efforts will come to a naught.
5.Having directly quoted matter shown as evidences will also prove that the presented data and material and the derived conclusions from these facts are correct and so increases the weight age of the essay.
So it is extremely important for a writer to give citations for directly quoted matter and to know the correct format for essay references.
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