Money, a big house, nice cars, designer clothes, and celebrities are most people's definition of success, but in reality, it is far from it. Success is an accomplishment, a goal, an objective, an ambition, an aspiration, a purpose, and something to be proud of. Life is full of success, now its time to go out and get it. Riding a bicycle without training wheels is something that we all accomplish; therefore, we can all say that we succeeded at something. A goal of graduating high school is a success. Putting forth the time and effort to get something done is the best way to succeed at something. Success is something she puts her mind to and gets it finished no matter how complex it is. A successful person starts something and finishes it. An achievement necessitates doing extra work to get the understanding of an intricate subject. It also requires learning to avoid procrastination and using time management skills. A triumphant master student is always on top of her priorities. To be successful, she needs superb communication techniques, as well as listening skills. Success is having the willingness to say "I don't know" or "I'm not sure yet". If she is honest with herself and others, then she is already on their way to success. Reading and writing is a very essential apparatus that will come dexterous in the success in life. Reading over notes taken and extra material will help her to succeed in whatever it is she is trying to be successful in. I consider success a mission in life that is accomplished with dignity.
Getting through high school was one of my biggest accomplishments I can say that I have ever made. There are many mazes and loop holes is succeeding in high school and when she walked across the stage and received her diploma, she could honestly say that she succeeded at something. After taking off for a semester until going back to school, the time and effort became much more difficult to accomplish, but she is confident in herself.
Going back to college is different from high school because you are not forced to go to school. She does not realize how much more she has to buckle down and pay attention to everything that is going on around her. She has to realize that taking notes and communication skills is the best thing to learn in college. To succeed in life's many struggles, you have to overcome the hurdles that life puts in front of you. Whether that be money issues, losses, and stressful times, she always has to look to the future and instead of dwelling on the past. She feels if she gets through college, then that will be one of her first hurdles jumped and accomplished. To be able to support herself and her family would be the second hurdle jumped. Then that would be the one thing she has been working so hard to get. It is hard to say that she wants to be successful in life if she doesn't do anything to help her self in life. If she sit around and dwells on not having the money to make ends meet, then that is her own fault. She can not just expect to be successful and not doing anything to make that dream realistic. Life is full of hard work and she just has to go out and get it on her own. She can not expect someone to do all of the work for her. She has to be independent and go out and get it for her own personal concepts. Life is a big jungle gym, no matter how long it takes her to get to the top it is worth it. Never give up on success, because it is out there waiting on you.

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