Question 1:
Problem 4:
- Transports play an important role in the food delivery business. When you are into food service, it is very important to have an effective delivery system that should work for your company. This is due to the type of market you are going to serve. Most of your customers must have a busy lifestyle, not to mention engaged families with multiple responsibilities to deal with every single day. So as a food handler, it should be important to consider that such customers would request for deliveries whenever, wherever.
On the other hand, if you are still planning to set up such a business, you may require a number of transports to cater to the needs of your delivery. However, you may choose those that should be suitable for the type of goods you deliver. You can choose rental vehicles or purchase cheaper ones that can effectively be used for the entire operation. Also, if you have a huge business, you may require more employees to facilitate the distribution. Thus, during the employment process, you must be careful in selecting your personnel in order to keep your trade on the go.
You should always remember that prompt services can often get more sales in the long run. Hence, acquiring vehicles with good running condition should be your focus here. Look out for used cars that will still be able to serve your purpose in order to save money. Planning for the closest possible route to deliver respective orders can also be useful. Finally, make sure that your employees follow what you have instructed them to do.
- To solve the problem that customers reject the products, the company should ask why they are returning the item ? Even if returns are within the confines of company’s store policies, the company definitely needs to be ready for just about everything.
I feel that sticking to company’s store rules is best, but if it takes just a little bit of courage, I still would try to keep that customer. I would start by offering to help my customer by saying things like "If you are unhappy with the product itself, is there another product we have that would work better for you" Bottom line: you should try and keep that sale, if at all possible. But if that isn't possible, I would do everything in my power to satisfy the customer, like offering a gift card, taking 10% off the next purchase, something to keep that person coming back.
Customer care takes a lot of work. You should always remain friendly, but never phony. It has with it, many stressful situations. bad moods and attitudes, you name it. But you should always stay cool, level headed, and willing to be helpful.
There are several reasons that a customer may reject you, but having a firm foundation of understanding that you cannot make anyone do something they don't want to do, and some people just are not happy and content with anything. If your customer is the latter, it may not be such a bad thing if they never came back to you.
Do things that bring you inner peace, like selling products that you're proud of. Things that are useful to home owners, or the medical community, whatever it is, be being happy and content, is a good thing. Knowing what to say to a disgruntled customer will help you get through it better than doing it impromptu style. That way, if and when that happens to you or your employees, you'll at least be somewhat prepared and ready for what's coming your way. If you believe in yourself and your business, you should be able to handle those upsetting situations without too much grief, and hopefully, you'll successfully keep even the crabbiest of customers.
Just try and remember that the customer is not always right, but neither are we as small business owners
By solving this problem, the product will not be wasted, and the company will save some money from that, increase product sales, the factories are at full capacity and create more jobs more for employees, revenues improved from that. Moreover, the company will also retain old customers and create new contract from potential customers.

Problem 6:
While a business can't control the price of raw materials, finding creative solutions to streamline distribution channels, build better relationships with suppliers and improve employee efficiency can help compensate for the elevated cost of production. There are some strategies for cutting down on costs and improving supply chain and labor efficiency that Tom Ferguson could use:
- Find partners : Try to reduce overseas resources and staff by working with a partner who supports your supply chain by connecting suppliers wherever they are located.
- Look for closer sourcing: Switching to a sourcing hub closer to your main area of business can trim weeks off of shipping time, reduce costs and cut down on cycle times, leading to significant savings.
- Explore new options: Continually seeking new ways to connect with suppliers, service providers and financial organizations enables you to adjust your supply chain processes according to your needs.
- Target low risk, low investment models: Incorporating software-as-service systems can help reduce implementation problems without risking a large part of your budget. Look for ways to partner with suppliers without placing undue burdens on your staff or existing technology.
If the company able to control the material cost, it will also control the price of the product, the price of the product might not be changed in the market so the company can compete with the products of other competitors, and link to problem 2, the sales will not be fell.

Problem 9:
There are four ways in which Tom Ferguson can gain control of the company’s finances and reduce level of debt, or the monthly cost of debt:
- Reduce what the company spends.
- Increase the income.
- Restructure company’s debts.
- Restructure company’s assets.
1/ Reduce What The Company Spends:
- Produce a list of all company’s items of expenditure eg: mortgage, bill, energy, wage of employee, etc.
- Categorise those items into:
Fixed items of expenditure (eg: mortgage)
Items that are necessary but not fixed (eg: bill, energy)
Items that are highly variable (eg: wages of employee)
Cut down, or cut out, as many items. If the level of debt is very high, try also to make as many savings in category 2 , Create a company’s budget, and stick to it.
2/ Increase company’s Income
To increase the income:
- Find out if employee can work overtime and paying by PH.
- Consider renting out the property or raising rent in other ways from property of company.
3/ Restructure Your Debts
To reduce the debts and repayments:
- Put as much company’s debt on the mortgage as possible (of all debts, the mortgage is usually the cheapest and should therefore be the last that company pay off).
- Replace existing loans with:
loans that have a lower interest rate
secured loans (replacing unsecured loans) to reduce the interest rate
loans that repayments over a longer period of time
consolidated loans (putting all your debts into one loan)
Agree an extended repayment schedule for existing loans.
Make sure the company can afford new loans by producing a budget.
4/ Restructure Company’s Assets
'Assets' are all the things company own. He can reduce the cost of company’s debt by:
Down-sizing employees who are often idle.
Selling unnecessary assets (eg: reducing the number of machines)
Use savings, investments or cash to pay off outstanding loans.
With the reduction of debt, the company will be able to have money to invest in other things such as update new IT system, to help company communicate customers orders faster and more accurate, reducing the amount of product being delivered late. Link to the problem 4 and 5.

Problem 10:
Because SFS is a medium-sized company, so an complex organization structure will not make the company to work efficiently, a simpler structure will help to make it easier to manage, too many managers will not get the same points, link to problem 7.
1. The simple structure is characterized most by what it is not rather than what it is:
- It is not elaborated.
- It has a low degree of departmentalization, wide spans of control, authority centralized in a single person, and little formalization.
- The simple structure is a “flat” organization; it usually has only two or three vertical levels.
One individual has the decision-making authority.
2. The simple structure is most widely practiced in small businesses in which the manager and the owner are one and the same.
3. The strength of the simple structure lies in its simplicity. It is fast, flexible, inexpensive to maintain, and accountability is clear.
In this problem, as a chief executive, Tom Ferguson has a wide span of control. He is the key decision-maker, controller, so he should ask everyone reports to him directly and informally.

Problem 11:
Southern Food Service is a company which makes ready meals, so the products need to focus on groups of customers who are busy people, for office workers or single households.
Firstly, organic food buyers, this is a growing group that tends to fall into one of two groups. Those who buy into the ‘organic ethos’ whole-heartedly and shift as much of their shopping as possible over to organic products; and those who buy organics every now and then, seeing organics as healthier or more prestige products and typically buying them because of their current fashionability.
The second consumer group is the increasing numbers of c-store shoppers searching for convenience foods.
Third consumer group is homeworkers, the biggest impact of this will be on the lunchtime food market as homeworkers switch from foodservice and ready-to-eat food to prepare-your-own products.
The fourth group is the speciality and gourmet shopper looking for the best, shoppers crave four things from their food - taste, variety, freshness and authenticity. Manufacturers can target this group with higher quality or 'gourmet' ready meals.
Lastly, young families form the fifth consumer group. In particular, low income young families show the strongest demand for convenience products such as prepared meals.

Today, people tend to be more busy work, people do not have much time to prepare meals for families, especially in developed countries because people there use ready food more often than developing countries. Thus SFS located in the UK is an advantage that the company needs to capture. From focus on the groups of potential customers that already mentioned above, sales will increase stability and help the company makes profit, link to problem 1 and 2.

Question 2: Answer
As a company need to make more value that need to improve their services and the systems, and in this case, we know that SFS company’s systems are old and very difficult to communicate with customers, and they can not delivery on time. So we have nine stages to help SFS company. They are:

Initial contact:
Consultants need to meet with original clients and potential clients for a few of forums, for consultants need to tell them, how is this company operating, and this company’s systems are old, what can we do the best, consultants must explain to clear for them. For clients, they know that how is our company right now?
For example, consultants will tell them that systems are old, and we will change or upgrade our systems and services, but we need to take time to change the systems and services, we cannot change quickly, we also will try to assort with them, but sometimes clients need to understand and support us. For clients, they can suggest for us, what should we do, and how to assist them.

Decision to work together:
Consultants and clients know each other problems, and they know that how to improve and solve this problems, they have a basic plan for their business, at least, they know that if they work together, they still can make profit for themselves, they have same points, so that is why that they will make a decision to work together.
For example, they have a great number of forums, they can talk and have good idea to solve these problems during forums, they write down all can be happen problems on the notebook, and when they go back, they will think about all these issues, they will try to make idea to solve them, and they will consider new problems that recommendations by tomorrow, for consultants, they will help SFS company that to find more clients, and communicate with them to bring more profits between clients and SFS company, so consultants will try their best to help each other, and bring them together, and they will try to work together.

Preliminary analysis:
Consultants need to have research and suggest about future systems
Consultant have to give SFS company some suggestion about our systems and services, why our time, if we want to make profit, we must change our systems and manufacture, the first we need to change our system, because our systems are old, we cannot use this system to communicate with clients, if we have this kind of problem, how can we do our business with clients, we will lose our clients and we will shout down late, when clients order products from us, but we cannot ask them that what they want, and what kind of products that they need it, we also cannot confirm and make sure that they order are correct, our systems are old, we cannot manufacture our products on time, and what happen to us, clients do not want to work with us, sometimes clients will let us to compensate for them, we lose our business, and we will pay more.

Formal proposal:
Consultants have a contract with clients
Consultants need to prepare a contract between SFS company and clients, for SFS, they have a responsibility, for example, when they receive order from clients, they need to give to manager immediately, the manager see that what or what time clients need our products, they need to reply to clients with signature by fax, for clients, what are they responsibility, when they receive products from us, they need to check all products are correct and on time.

Project charter:
When they have a contact between SFS company and clients, they need to support this contact, and they need to do by contact, if one of them do not follow up by contract, they need to compensate, and each of them that they have duty to help other one, if they do not do by contract, they will compensate

In-depth analysis:
This is a depth analysis about SFS systems and why we have some problems about communication, we need to find out the true.
For example, why we have old system, but we know, and we still do not want change, there have a lot of reason, maybe SFS company do not want to pay extra money about, there do not have any company want to pay money to change their system, they think if they change systems, they need to stop business for short time, that is mean that to lose their business, but they never think if they do not want to change their systems, they sill lose their business, and other reason is that they change new systems those staff who has work in this company that they do not how to use new system, and same reason is that they still lose their business, and for company, they have to invite someone to teach them that how to use this new systems, now we know that what is problems, so we need to change our old idea, we must change our systems, in this way, we can get more clients, and make more profit.

They need to get more information about project, and they also need to assess of business issues, analysis good points and recommendations.
For example, consultants need to collect more information from future, everything will be change in the world, and clients also will be change, and for SFS company need to change at same time, there have a lot of things happen in future, for consultants need to collect right information at right time, such as products price rise up, we also need to change our price, sometimes customers want to change different kind of taste, consultants need to tell SFS company to change, and let clients or customers like, sometimes they have to do research and follow with interest about these kind of products from other counties, such as Japan, it is one of the best fashion in the world, there have different kind of desserts to provide to clients per month, and we need to learn from there, and have to provide own different kind of products.
We need to evaluation of the business issues before start our business, consultants need to know can be happen in business by future, such as commodity price rise up, what can we do, and how can we do, if we also change our price, what impact with our clients and customers? Funds not enough, what can we facing? And so on, all problems of business can be happen by future.

We need to communicate with clients and recommendations back to clients in some way, consultants need to talk with clients, what they want, and what they need? We can prepare before send, if clients give us some suggestion about our products or services, they have to reply to clients immediately.
For example, we will receive products of lists from clients, we need to confirm that all products are correct from list by fax, and we have to know that when they need us to send to them, how to send to them, we also need to check the price with them.
Sometimes clients will give us some suggestion about our products and services, we are not send to clients on time, maybe we send different or wrong products to clients, when we get these information, we need to find issues first, and we need to make sure for clients, we will pay attention next time.

Follow up:
We need to check everything after we send to our clients.
For example, when clients order products from us, we need to know that what they want, and what kind of products that they need, clients need to send a fax to us that make sure that what they need, for us, we also have to reply to them, and one of staff have signature who has charge of this project, when we receive order of list, we need to tell our staff that when they need to prepare all things, after then, we need to make sure to send our products to clients on time, when clients receive our products, for SFS company’s manager need to ask about our products are right and on time by phone, if they have any suggest or request, we need to write down on note book, next day, they need have a metting about this case, and reply our clients immediately, and consultant need to have contract with clients, for consultants need to have good communicate with clients that ask them, what shall we need to improve or upgrade our systems and services, and they also need to give clients that some suggest about operation.

Question 3:
- Sales are growing strongly in the in the own-label sector (over 10 per cent a year) but we are making no profit in this sector.

Would commune with the supplier has led to trade between the profit margin is too little or no. why do some material sources cannot provide?
- Sales in the branded sector are full capacity by over 15 per cent a year but we are making a profit here, even if that too is falling.

Why don't be able gradually to create their own brands, the creation of the market and create your own selling line?

- The factories are not at full capacity due to the falling sales, particularly in the higher volume branded sector where machinery and lab our is often idle.

Idle when machines and personnel in the meantime, why can't develop new technology and improve their skills, looking for new customers. Try to find more opportunities to expand the market?

- A lot of stock is wasted as they are they are often delivered late to the customer and thus rejected for having too short a shelf life.

Why the delay in the business for our customers to return the order or refuse to deal?

- The IT systems are old and it is difficult to communicate customer orders quick enough in order to manufacture on time.

A set of advanced it could be improved trade efficiency and easier to the management of the production of goods on time, why not to renew it?

- Raw material costs including energy are rising faster than the price increases we are able to pass on to our customers.

On energy and material prices and improve the quality can supply the basis of appropriately increase the supply prices?

- My management team is dysfunctional: most meetings end up with lost of arguments and no agreements.

Why don't you raise the employee to build the confidence of the work, for example, work incentives?

- The chairman of the board is new and is seeking to assert his authority by undermining me and my efforts to improve the company's position.

How to maintain higher and lower, how to deal with the higher and lower?

- The hares are poorly rated and we have high levels of debt which makes it difficult to make the necessary investment to update IT systems, for example.

In the face of the debt problem, why not attract investment?

- Our products are suffering from the current trends in healthy eating.
How to improve product quality and health?


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