What’s eating Gilbert Grape? After the death of Gilbert’s father and the abandonment of his brother, Gilbert is left with pressure and responsibility which is eating him. These dedications to his family forbid him from living his own life. Gilbert’s mother, eating herself to obesity is now totally dependent on Gilbert to support her family and also developed a fear of abandonment. Arnie, Gilbert’s mentally disabled brother is kept under constant supervision and is under full responsibility of Gilbert, which his mother is unable to do . Gilbert knows his life is limited and blames his mother for what is happening to him and occasionally do nasty and unresentful things to her. On the other hand, Gilbert also meets a young and beautiful lady named Becky, who brings Gilberts better half to life. However, Gilbert’s mother is dependant of him so therefore is unable to leave Endora to live his life.
Gilbert Grape is faced with more burdens than any young man thought to have. Living in a dying old town, stocking shelves at a grocery, whose business is decamped to a new supermarket. He struggles to earn money to support his family. Taking on his father role in the Grape house hold, he finds it hard to look after his family and many times attempted to drive away. Arnie his retarded brother, his two sisters and mother are dependent on Gilbert to keep food on their plate. While his mother sits in front of the television, Gilbert helps himself with a handful of chores, which his mother is unable to fulfil.
Unable to travel, to move, to meet new people, Gilbert finds himself lonely. His lust and desires leads him to Mrs Carver, who is a mother of two and a wife to a dysfunctional marriage. Mrs Carver occasionally have grocery delivered to her home by Gilbert and would invite him in for pleasure. Gilberts conscience is weak and always falls in Mrs Carver’s traps, he knows what he’s doing is wrong but is unable to drive away. As soon as Mr Carver grew suspicion towards Gilbert, Mr Carver died from drowning due to cardiac arrest. After this incident Gilbert discovers a new girl and immediately fell in love. He spends more time with this new girl and gradually forgets about Mrs Carver.
Becky, the new girl who he grew incredibly in loved with, brought Gilbert to life. His attitude, perspective changed as he fell more in love with her. However she was not planning to stay long. Gilbert tries to delay her trip. Soon enough it was time for her to go, Gilbert became upset and aggravated. Gilbert was unable to drive away with Becky because of his responsibility and dedications towards his family. He was unable to persuade Becky to stay so he lashed his anger and frustration towards his family. Arnie copped a beating and his sister was almost run over.
Gilbert’s mother is at a point of embarrassment to her family. Because of her eating disorder the four Grape kids are chained in Endora. Momma’s great weight problems lead Gilbert and his siblings to live boring lives. Like what Arnie says “Going nowhere”. Her obesity finally got her killed, at the same time there is grief and happiness. Feared of attracting a crowd, the Grapes decided to torch the house that cursed them, that brought grief and the deaths of their parents. Momma’s death brings out freedom and a new beginning for the remaining members of the Grape family. It wasn’t the end but a beginning for them.

Gilbert 8.8 of 10 on the basis of 1941 Review.