Greek Geography Exercise

1.. Read the chapters listed below in Thomas R. Martin, An Overview of Classical Greek History from Homer to Alexander
• Introduction to the Historical Overview in Perseus
• Geographical and Historical Introduction
• The Early Greek Dark Age and Revival in the Middle East
• Remaking Greek Civilization
• The Archaic Age
This is document is a hypertext. It contains hot links throughout to texts such as encyclopedia articles and excerpts from Greek plays, histories and other writings. It also contains links to images relevant to the text, such as art works, architectural sites, maps, and contemporary photos.

2. Use the Perseus Atlas to look at the map of Greece as it fits into the map of the World and more specifically the Mediterranean World What do you notice?

What potential advantages do you see in the location of Greece?

3. Go to the IAM Map Index Site
Browse the maps listed under “The Aegean Sea and Greece.” Take special note of the Terrain Only and Terrain and Place Names Maps. What do you notice about the terrain? What do you notice about the relationship between place names and terrain?

What features of the Greek landscape would seem to be unfavorable to cultural development and prosperity?

What features of the Greek landscape would seem to be favorable?

Greek 8.5 of 10 on the basis of 1090 Review.