Research Paper Title – Make it Suitably Impressive and Eye Catching.

Research Paper Title – Make it Suitably Impressive and Eye Catching.
Research Paper Title – Think of a Good One That Would Instantly Catch a Reader.
A good research paper title is equally important as the content matter and format of a thesis paper. Each research paper will have its own set standard of format which has to be strictly adhered to. The format, topic and the referencing pattern generally depend on the instructions given by the instructors. The title chosen for the topic is entirely at the writer’s discretion. Generally a title with a word count of ten or less is the most appealing. However there are exceptions where the word count can be more and the title exceptionally long.
Title page:
This is the first page of a thesis paper where the main research paper title is written and presented to the reader. It contains the name of the student, followed by the name of the instructor, then the course name, university name and at the end will be the date of submission of the paper. The title chosen should be appealing enough for the reader to sit up and take instant notice. It should not be too long as it might confuse the reader or too short making it sound too abrupt. A well thought title that is precise and to the point and relevant to the topic will make a good impression on the reader and as the saying goes first impression is the last impression. The title is the first thing a reader will notice so care should be taken to frame it correctly and attractively.
After the title page comes the page of contents where serial number, contents of the paper and their relevant page number are given in a tabular form. The contents of the paper will carry the name of each sub heading in the thesis paper, the page number will show the page on which the relevant sub heading starts and the serial number will show the number of subheadings in the paper. After the cover page will be the research paper abstract (in no more than 120 words), followed by the research paper introduction, then the body and finally the conclusion. After the conclusion will come the reference page which will contain the details of all cited works in the essay. All works that have been directly quoted must necessarily be given reference to avoid charges of plagiarism. The reference page is an important one and will list alphabetically all the names and details of work that have been referenced and cited in the research paper. The pattern of writing this page will be according the format(MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard) followed in the thesis paper.
Besides following the research paper outline one should keep in mind the following points. There should be a margin of of one inch all around the paper.The font used is the Times New Roman and font size is 12 points. The writing is done with double spacing. A white A-4 sheet is used to print the paper and print out is taken on one side of the paper only.
Even if the essay is written well and the format is followed correctly theresearch paper title is of extreme importance. A badly framed, irrelevant title with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will immediately put off the reader and he would not think twice before discarding the paper and moving on to the next paper presumably with a better, well thought and appropriate title.
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