The Community of Ramelton
The town of Ramelton has many community groups which help bring the people together.There is a wide range of different groups in the town,around 60 in total.Examples of these community groups include :

1. Ramelton Town Band
2. Swilly Rovers
3. Ramelton Youth Club
4. Tennis Club
5. Mariners Football Club
6. Snooker Club
7. Pantomime
8. Gospel Choir
9. Country Market
10. Gun Club
11. ICA
12. Church
13. Children’s Choir
14. Tidy Towns
15. Lennon Festival
16. Table Tennis
17. Girls Brigade
18. Dave Gallaher Society
19. Care of the Aged
20. Darts
21. Kick Boxing
22. Town Hall
23. Community Centre
24. Bridge Bar Golf
25. Pitch & Putt
26. Bowls

Community groups I have been involved in:
Of the many community groups available in Ramelton here are a few that I have been involved in:
Ramelton Town Band: Ramelton Town Band consists of around 30 members.It includes members who play accordion, drums, flute and tin whistle ,there are also flaggers, majorettes and a drum major.I have been a member in the marching band for 2 years now and thoroughly enjoy it. It brings the whole community together and the community continuously support the band financially and at competitions throughout the year.
Pantomine: Since 1956 Ramelton has put on Pantomimes in the Town Hall. They run for two weeks and always attract large crowds. This year was my first time to be involved in the pantomime and the chosen pantomime was Mother Goose. I was in the Chorus group along with a few of my friends. I really enjoyed my time rehearsing and performing in the pantomime and would love to do it again next year.
Lennon Festival: The Lennon Festival has been running annually since 1970. Last year I was involved in the “Queen of the Lennon” and also participated in the parade as part of the float for the pantomime.The Festival is one of the highlights of the year in Ramelton and there aren’t many people who aren’t involved in one way or another.It is the perfect example of the community coming together for a common goal.
Ramelton Youth Club: Ramelton Youth Club was set up for people between the ages of 13-17 and the members can meet weekly,usually on a Friday .This brings the young people of the community together and teaches them the importance of working together within a group.I have been attending the youth club for 5 years now and this is the last year I will be attending .I enjoyed my time at the youth club and learned and improved many of my skills during my time there.

Sustainable Communities
“Sustainable communities are healthy places to live, work, conduct business and raise children. They meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents, are sensitive to their environment, and contribute to a high quality of life. “
What a sustainable community means to me:
To me a sustainable community is very important as it provides a safe place to grow up in and it provides a healthy playing environment for when I was younger and it now provides a healthy socialising and working environment for me.
A sustainable community is also important for future generations as they need a healthy place to grow and achieve their highest potential as a human being.

Opportunities for the Enhancement of a sustainable Community in Ramelton
Housing: To meet the housing requirements of the whole community ,including those in need of affordable and supported housing.
Transport: Ramelton has a good transport system already in place, more footpaths and wider footpaths around the town would help ensure the safety of the people of the community .
Natural Environment: The main street of Ramelton are all well kept and have beautiful flowers and trees but the back roads of Ramelton could be improved greatly by the planting of new flowers and by maintaining the hedges.
Recreation, Leisure and Tourism: Ramelton has many areas of recreation and leisure such as “Pairc Ui Gallachoir” ,a childrens play park ,two spas (Serenity & Zen) and many other areas of interest . There will soon be a walking tour also when our summer school get the brouchures printed shortly.
Community Services: To continue to provide accessible, good quality facilities to meet the health, educational, faith, social service and other essential needs of the community.
Environmental Resources: To encourage energy efficiency and promote renewable sources of energy in the community e.g. solar panels to heat homes.
Ramelton is a town of great beauty and people love to visit it because of the friendly people ,the quality of the facilities, the many areas to visit ,the Lennon festival and the major attraction of the genealogy centre which helps bring people to Ramelton to look for their roots.
Ramelton has a wide range of activities to choose from but it could be improved greatly are there are many facilities it doesn’t have such as a swimming pool,a cinema or nightlife such as clubs.It is lacking in facilities that attract the younger generation like myself.If Ramelton were to have a few more facilities for the younger people while still keeping the natural beauty of the area then it would make Ramelton the ideal place for all tourists.

Walking Tour Brochure
At one of our weekly meetings we decided as a group that a good way to enhance the sustainability of the community of Ramelton ,and to enhance the tourism experience would be to create a walking tour brochure which would show tourists the full beauty of the town .
The benifits of the brochure to the tourists would be that they would have an easy to read brochure of the highlights of the area and would visit the main areas of importance in the town .The brochure would be free to tourists and would require sponsorship from local businesses to finance it.
The benefits of the brochure to the community would be that if local businesses sponsored the brochure their information would be on the back and the businesses would gain customers and profits would rise leading to the opportunity of creating more jobs in the town.
The things that had to be included in the brochure were :
Pictures: Of the places to visit .This is important so that the tourists would know they were at the right location on the map .
Map: The map of the town.This is important so that the tourists would have an overall view of the town and they could choose what areas they were interested in visiting.
History: A short history of the town and the attractions on the walking tour.This is important because many people like to know the background of areas they visit.
Walks:The main part of the brochure.There would be various walks to choose from starting from short walk within the town to longer walks leading outside the main area of the town.

Walking Tour Brochure Action Plan
We came up with the idea for the brochure at one of our early meetings and put our plan into action two weeks before the festival(around the 31st of June) we set the deadline for the 14th of August and got cracking. First of all each person in the group was given a role .They were as follows:
1. Marketing and Sponsorship: Kevin and Briana
2. Editors: Lisa,Cormac and Ciara
3. Researchers: Breffni, Katy, Garvan and Daniel
4. Cartographer: Laura Buc
5. Walkers: All – project managed by Gavin
6. Photographer: Glen
7. IT experts: Laura and Kaye
8. Artwork: Denise, Rebecca and Laura
9. Printer: Sinead
As I was one of the editors my job was too shorten down the researchers work to the important need –to-know points that the tourists would be interested in.When all the work was edited my group handed our work over to the IT experts to type up and organise.It was then passed on the Sinead the printer who produced the final product.
We had some minor problems along the way while producing the brochure such as the researchers not collecting the information for their deadline meaning the editors had to work quicker and were under more pressure to reach their deadline and minor problem was deciding which businesses to ask for sponsorship from as there are many local business in the area and we didn’t want any businesses missing out on advertising on the brochure.There were no major problems though and the whole thing went smoothly overall

Evaluation of the Walking Tour Brochure
As the brochures have not reached the final stage of production yet it is impossible to evaluate the success of them.However the methods we will use in the future to evaluate its effectiveness are:
A) Seek feedback from tourists who we see using it.
B) Ask B&B owners for their reaction to it – and the reaction of tourists.
C) Seek feedback from the community.

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