Mafia, what is the Mafia? The Mafia is an "Organized Crime Crew," doing both legit and illegal business all over the world. It's a very powerful organization consisting of many groups. In this paper you will learn the origins of the Mafia, the kind of business they do, and some of the most famous leaders ever to come about.
Nobody knows for sure how the Mafia started. One thought is from a secret society that opposed the "French Angevins," which was another group that tried to Sicily. The cry of the rebellious Italian group went like so, "Morte All Francia Italia Anelia," which is Italian for, " Death to the French is Italy's cry." If you put the first letters of the phrase, it spells out "Mafia." The second thought to be the origin of the Mafia is from a group of men who were hired by landlords, to protect their land while they were gone. Whatever the origin is, it doesn't matter, the Mafia is a real organization that still lives.
Born in Sicily, the Mafia has spread through out the whole world! Its an organization consisting of different "groups." These groups consist of different ranked people. Boss, Underboss, Consigliere, Caporegima, Soldiers, and Associates. These groups were all united by something called "omerta." An ethical code they had to go by and not brake any rules from it, or otherwise some strong consequences would have to be paid.
In the 1920's the Mafia was being pressured by the Italian government, who's leader at the time was Mussolini. Mussolini tried to control the Mafia, and for that reason, the Mafia fled to the United States. That's when the real business started. During the Prohibition in the United States, the Mafia used all of its political and killing power to smuggle illegal substances in from other countries into the United States. With this, they mad big money. They abused the power they had built to use in protection of their families, and instead used it to do their illegal activities with "dirty money." The Mafia's power was so strong they controlled the government, and the police. Basically said, the Mafia could do whatever they felt like doing, without being convicted of a crime.
Every Mafia member that fled to the U.S., from Sicily and Italy knew there was money to be made in the States. The Mafia groups that spread through the nation formed businesses of extortion, prostitution, gambling, and bootlegging. The period in the States established the "New Age American Mafia," which originated from the famous Five Pointers Gang, where many of the strongest Mafia members came from.
The strongest at the time were Charles Luciano, Myer Lansky, Benjamin Siegal, and Alphonse Capone. Trained in the Five Points Gang, Charles Luciano, famously known as Lucky Luciano was the founder of the national crime syndicate in the 1930's. Luciano started his own prostitution racket 1920 and by 1925 he had control over most of Manhattan's prostitution. In 1927, at the age of 30, Luciano had made himself a millionaire. In 1929, an attempt to take his life was made. He miraculously survived the brutal attack, which caused him to make a big move. He gathered all his power, and eliminated all opposing "bosses." By 1935, Lucky Luciano was considered "The Boss of Bosses." Soon after, Charles Luciano died of a heart attack.
Myer Lansky, never a real member of the Mafia, for he wasn't Italian, but Lansky did play an important role in the 1920's with Mafia leaders. After his rise in power and influence on Jewish gangsters (Myer's Mob), Lansky met Charles Luciano. Lansky specialized in gambling, and formed Murder Inc. Murder Inc. was a group of specialized contract killers. Lansky at one point was in charge of Luciano's syndicate for a while. At the time he spread his gambling operations half way across the globe.
Joining Myer Lansky at a young age, Benjamin Siegal became one of the strongest, and most feared killers ever. Also know as "Bugsy," Siegal formed "The Bug and Myer Mob," with Lansky, which was then turned into Murder Inc. when teamed up with Lucky Luciano. Bugsy became close friends with Luciano, and soon started to carry out killings for him. Killing many bosses, Bugsy's life was in grave danger. Many of the bosses left had contracts out for Siegal's life. Lansky and Lucky convinced him to move out to California, where he ran business for Lansky and Lucky. Bad times came between Luciano and Siegal, and Siegal killed by Luciano soon after.
Alphonse Capone, another organizer of the early American Mafia. At the early age of 11, Alphonse "Scarface" Capone was already involved in the organized crime, like most of the other gangsters had been. Soon at the age of 25, Capone was passed the duty of the Chicago Mafia Empire when his former boss was killed. Many other gangsters tried to get rid of him, but he got them first at the infamous St. Valentine's Day massacre, where he killed many of his enemies.
Although the Mafia started out in Sicily as a family protection organization, somehow it got corrupted and became what it is known as today. Now there are Mafia gangs not only in Sicily, but also in Japan, China, Russia, and other various places. The Mafia isn't
what it was before though. Now its all about drugs, sex, and power. I hope you have been educated today with this small overview of what the Mafia was, and what is it now all over the world.

Mafia 9.2 of 10 on the basis of 1902 Review.