Athena as a Career Woman
Athena , in the conventional way , is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom . She has
proven herself to be invaluable to many gods and godesses and heroes
alike as she helped them face , what are rather impossible , tests . In
this sense alone , she could definitely pose herself as a career woman .
But what kind of career would this goddess have ? Ceratinly , there could
be many , with all the skills she possesses . It is the purpose of this
paper to evaluate these skills and contributions of Athena as were
presented through the myths and use it to give a career to this goddess .
Despite her popularity , there are uncertianties regarding the origin of
Athena . Some regard her as ``the daughter of Pallas , a winged giant whom
she afterward killed on account of his attempting to violate her
chastity , whose skin she used as her aegis and whose wings she fastened
to her own feet (Smith 389-390 . Another account was that she was the
daughter of Posc-idon and Tritonis and that having been angered on one
occasion by her father went to Zeus who made her his own daughter (Smith
390 . The most widely accepted , however , is that Athena is the daughter
of Zeus and Metis . According to this myth , it has been prophesied that
Metis would bear children more powerful than the sire , and fearing this ,
Zeus swallowed Metis after lying with her . Eventually , it came to be
that Zeus was in great pain and , depending on the myth , Hephaestus or
Prometheus , Hermes or Palamon helped Zeus in giving birth to Athena , who
sprang from his forehead fully adult and in full armor and with a mighty
war-cry . William Smith , in his book Dictionary of Greek and Roman
Biography and Mythology stated about Athena : ``the common notion which
the Greeks entertained about her , and which was most widely spread in
the ancient world , is that she was the daughter of Zeus , and if we take
Metis to have been her mother , we have at once the clue to the character
which she bears in the religion of Greece for , as her father was the
most powerful and her mother the wisest among the gods , so Athena was a
combination of the two , that is , a goddess in whom power and wisdom were
harmoniously blended (p . 398 .
One of the contributions of Athena was in warfare , she having sprung
forth from the forehead of Zeus in full armor and with a mighty war-cry .
But according to Apollodorus , she was brought up by Triton and together
with his daughter , Pallas , practiced the arts of war (III , 12 .3 . In any
case , Athena is associated to many war stories and heroes . She also
protected the state from outward enemies , and thus assumes the character
of a warlike divinity . Homer dedicated a hymn saying : ``of Pallas
Athena , guardian of the city , I begin to sing . Dread is she , and with
Ares she loves deeds of war

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