What Is Marketing

What is marketing? There are many different views as well as definitions as to what marketing may be. (Kyle, 2006) After conducting extensive research on the definition of marketing, I have come to my own conclusions of how to define marketing. I have taken in account the various definitions that many sources have published with throughout the years and made my own ‘simple' definition. Also, I have found some companies that have exhibited successful marketing practices. Now let's explore what I believe marketing is.

What marketing means to me

My belief of marketing is that marketing is everything; it is the identification of what people need, knowing their habits and then developing solutions for the identified problems. It the process of making the people feel that they will be benefited if they purchase the solution or product developed. Marketing is delighting the customers. It is also about understanding consumers and fulfilling an existing need. (Kyle,2006) Marketing is nothing more but the skill to sell your product at a price that increases a seller's profit. However a buyer prefers to buy at a price that will maximize his benefits.

Successful marketing practices

One example of successful marketing would be Huggies diapers. The commercials are seen in many countries, and in many different languages. Their website can even be accessed in a variety of languages. (www.huggiesbabynetwork.com) Also, who could forget the commercials they advertise with the adorable babies crawling around. I constantly receive coupons and information in the mail, and also pop-ups on the internet when I am browsing the ever popular baby sites. Even though I personally don't use Huggies for my child, the first brand I think of when anyone talks about diapers is Huggies. This to me is successful marketing.

Being the mother of two daughters, you can only imagine how many times a week I hear about "Bratz" dolls. Their highly successful marketing strategy of putting ads in commercials between cartoons had personally worked in my household. The flyers from Scholastic's book fair at my children's school even have options to buy "Bratz" books. So not only are children exposed to the marketing of these dolls at home, they are also subject to in-school marketing. The promoters of the "Bratz" dolls, (MGA entertainment) are very smart in their marketing practices. If you can convince the children that they need or want something, most of the time parents are happy to oblige to their children's wants.

It was in the middle of the night when I thinking about successful marketing practices that have been exhibited. I was so tired and all I could think of was that I wanted to lie down on a comfortable mattress. "Mattress firm, where it's easy to get a great nights sleep!" (www.mattressfirm.com) This was the jingle that was stuck in my head. If this isn't an example of successful marketing, I don't know what is. I constantly see flyers in the newspaper, and in weekly mailings. That commercial has a jingle that is sure to catch your attention, and maybe even your mind when you are feeling the need to get great nights sleep.

Successful marketing is the way a company chooses to promote its product to ensure a sufficient amount of sales to keep business afloat. (Kyle,2006) There are a variety of ways that a company can market its product, but I believe that they need to have something eye or even in some cases ear catching. Marketing towards children has also been a long standing proven method of getting a product to sell. Which ever definition a company chooses to honor, or which ever way a company decides to market, they all need to take into account their target markets to ensure profitability for the future.

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