Basic Steps to Learn How to Make a Cover Page

Basic Steps to Learn How to Make a Cover Page
Follow your instructor’s order explicitly
The cover page of the essay is the last thing a student bothers about. However, it is necessary to know how to make a cover page as it affects outcome of the paper. The cover page or the title page is what is first seen by the reader. If the cover page attracts the reader then there is no doubt that they will go on to read the whole paper provided the essay or research paper is interesting and well written. This page is the face of your paper. Like all components of research paper or essay, the cover page too should follow some rules.
Learning how to make a cover page can be considered to be among the most easy parts or writing an essay or research paper. Most instructors provide the details of the cover page they require. But that is only in middle school where everything is new to the student. In high school and further higher studies, the instructor might only specify the type of formatting style in which the paper or essay should be. It is up to you to figure out how your college paper cover page should look like and it would be wise to brush up on the formatting types like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.
The basic rules to learn how to make a cover page can be subdivided into two subdivisions (APA format and MLA format). In the APA format, the cover page should have a header at the top right hand corner which comprises of the first two or three words of the title. The running header follows the header right below it. The complete title of the essay or research paper should be given in the centre of the page and your name i.e. the author’s name with all the course details like the major, the university, the instructor, etc. The font and size of the text should follow the norms of regular APA style formatting.
In the MLA format paper, the header which is the study course should be accompanied by the page number at the upper left-hand corner. The tile as in the APA style should be in the center of the cover page and it should be followed by all the details of the writer, the instructor, the institution, the university and all other course details that your instructor wants to be included in the paper. The date of submission of the essay or research paper should be mentioned beneath all these details. The font for the complete text should be in Times New Roman and the font size for the title should be 16 and 14 for the sub headings and 12 for the regular text.
Remember all the details and instructions of your instructor and if you just follow the rules, you have an A+ in hand.

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