Care for Elderly

1. How long would like to live and why?

As long it takes me, I just want do my entire bucket list before going in die. No particular date, no particular time nor place, because death itself is a surprise. Even If I know when I’m going to die, it will only give me reason to run away from death or cheat it.

2. What you want your life to be like when you became old?

Living in a countryside where winds are homing or even on a sea crick where sound of the sea is rhythms with every splash. Sitting in my racking chair beside my beloved wife watching grandchildren playing in the yard and while we sipping our coffee and dipping our pandisal on it. Talking is something will never lose its touch, good communication good relationship. Things, places, people, even love will go and all’s ganna left is companionship to each other. Becoming old means losing your passion to the things you love, I hope it won’t happen to me and to the things I love like anime, hiking, playing badminton, computer games MMRG online I like to stay on me, and beside my grandchildren will think that they have a cool grandfather. Simple dream for a nobody.

3. Describe the oldest person you know, what is he or she like?

The oldest person I know is still living is my grandfather his 77 going 78 years old this October. He becoming grumpier each year and he always experience abandoning in many things except for television. He’s having sleep disturbances and he seen becoming more likely a little child. Becoming more unreasonable but sometimes he became too much giving and loving as if he were looking for attention.

4. What is success for you?

Success is what you look forward in this world and what you’re perspective and desires. Having those successes I will encounter and starved for Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth. Very powerful actions that might hurt everyone that been and will be around you. Too much success blinds a person even using your someone’s sake tell everybody it’s for his country, for good name of his ancestor, but really they don’t it for own honor and glory means only for themselves.

5. Explain the is quotation by Salvatore Quasimodo

“Each of us stands alone at the heart of the earth pierce through the ray of sunlight and suddenly it is evening”.

Everyone had their own beginnings and ending in this world. Everybody will face their own death either you take it or not life will pass and past will never be looked at like the future. Accepting death feels like I was reborn in every waking moments of my life. Live life to the fullest, live like there’s no tomorrow and you will live less worry for everyday.


Questions 9.5 of 10 on the basis of 1893 Review.