Intro Jaws
* Block buster film, Released 1975.
* Steven Spielberg, director
* Essay, analyse,
* Jurassic park, Shindlers List, The Sugarland Express, famous films
* John Williams, won Oscar music score
* Island ,setting Amity=friendly relationship between people and counties
* Tag line “Don’t go into the water”, sharks about
* Peter Benchley novel writer
* 4th July, independence day, public holiday, tourist, income
* Genre, Thriller,adventure,horror, create tension and suspense audience
1st attack
* Story line, camp fire boy girls ,fun laughter music
* Chrissy,boy chases after 2 beach
* Juxtaposition(girl screaming close up face, boy sleeping on beach, calm atmosphere
* Tension first bite, girls legs, moon light above her,
* Shark’s point of view- gets audience worried
* Music, faster , louder . shark nears her
* Non diegetic music, shark music, represents shark –audience anticipate shark
* Suddenly Silence after death then bell rings buoy, calm water,
* Film technique, tension, suspense, audience
2nd attack
* Alex asks 2 stay in water
* False attacks
* Sharks view
* Brody on edge, close up face
* Over shoulder shot
* Robert Shaw Quint
* Revenge
* Uss Indian apolis ww2
* Determined
* Roy Scheider Brody
* Ex close up on his face through the film
* Your gonna need a bigger boat
* Fear
* Richard Dreyfuss hooper
* marine biologist

False attacks
* Old man
* Boys with fin
* Woman on shoulders broody on edge
* Don’t see the shark till 3rd attack (properly)
* First attack music tension
* Non diegetic

Camera tectonics
* Different shots
* Long, close up,midiam
* Juxtaposition
* Over shoulder broody 2nd
* How successful
* Film without music
* June 20 Opened in 464 cinemas
* June 25 675
* 1st week 7million
* All time in cinemas 100 million
Key words
* diegetic: stuff that u would expect 2 hear
* non diegetic: sounds u wouldn’t expect 2 hear
* juxtaposition:camrea flicks from different scenes
* Colons: semi colons;

Jaws 8.4 of 10 on the basis of 1177 Review.