My self and writing:
“I’m interested only in the present. If you can concentrate only in the present, you’ll be a happy man. You see that there is life in the desert, that there are stars in the heavens, and that tribesmen fight because they are part of the human race. Life will be a party for you, a grand festival; because life is the moment we’re living right now.” This is just one of my favorite quotes on a book written by Paulo Coelho. I must say that quotes like this is one of the initial encouragements I seized whenever I’m down in the dumps. Evidently, I am a very emotional person. Reading novels is my self imposed therapy whenever I’m depressed. They say that a keen reader is a good writer. But apparently, writing is never my area of expertise. Sure I can write but definitely not as exceptional as the writers I admire the most like Paulo Coelho, Lois Lowry, and Mitch Albom to name a few.

Writing mirrors a person. I believe that what you write is who you are. Other than gestures and other nonverbal actions, writing is also one of the best ways to express one’s inner feelings and even desire. I should say writers are deep persons.

I write for my own delight. I know blogging is what’s “in” nowadays but I still keep a journal for some reasons. I manage to keep one partly because writing is one of my frustrations but most of the part, it’s because I wanted to have something to look back to when I get old. I wanted to have something to be nostalgic about whenever I’m reminiscing the happy days, the most depressing events, and my success written in details. That’s probably the one thing that made me love ‘writing’.

2nd online Essay:

Essay #2

3. Narrate a time in your life when you faced a major disappointment and how you dealt with it.

Mary Joy Benamera

1st E101 (TTH 1:30 – 3:00)

Have you ever experienced a feeling that your best efforts were never good enough despite all your sacrifices? Have you ever been doubted because you don’t seem to be honest or someone who can be trusted? I had. Worst of all, these accusations knocked me off both at the same time. It started when I entered college.

During my first year in tertiary level, adjustments were my main issues. Other than much heavier academic subjects to handle, relationships with friends and loved ones affected the flow of my ‘should be’ happier and lighter stage of life as well. It started out smoothly, my academic performance, though not as high as the others, were under control as well as my social stuff. Then a year ran until one day I’m on my sophomore year where my major struggle started. This was where I got my first failing grade on a major subject and unknowingly, pointed out my failure to others as their fault. I never meant to do it as I recall it now. That was also the starting point of the change I thought I should elicit. After that incident, I started to get more serious with my studies through focusing and prioritizing goals. Right after that year, which was my junior year, heavier loads and responsibilities were given to me. I never realized that I had to double my efforts to keep up with the much arduous tasks to accomplish. I thought I was on the right track. Still, I ended up cramming every after exam. But one thing did happen to me that changed my perspective in life.

I am about to exceed beyond the limit of my failed units that will get me debarred if ever and I know it for a fact that I needed to choose between two of my major subjects to give up. The one that I chose was unfortunately the one which brought me down. It was the very disappointing experience I had in my life. Not because I objectively failed but because I was indirectly accused of cheating. This so happened because I thought I could still pass believing that if my professor rechecked my paper, corrections will lift my grades up. But instead, I was doubted of ever getting that high score which unfortunately points away from the passing grade. So far, nothing could beat out that biggest disappointment in my college life. I never expected something that cruel could happen to me. But I know this incident, however negative it might be, still contributed to mold me to be the person that I am today. I can confidently say that I can weather a much stronger storm that may come my way. And come to think of it, this experience has just paved way for the opportunity to prove those who didn’t believed in me wrong. For now, what I think I should focus on is my goal of finishing up my college and showing them that my life doesn’t end there.

2 Journal Entries:

• Just like what surrounds us, we are significant beings that live on earth. What we make up of ourselves has a relation to what influences us in the world we live in. If we see our world as an instrument of peace and harmony, it would certainly reflect how we run our lives. If only we do know how to live our lives to its full extent, in one way or another, the beauty of God’s creation will conceal all the flaws we have and the only thing that will come into sight is His love. The world that we see beyond our sight is what helps us perceive life. And no matter how cruel life is and how unfair it may seem to us at times, we should always remember that it is us who make up our own world. Hence, Making right decisions and just enjoying the journey is the only combination to achieve a delightful way of living.

• Every men created by God has his own story to share. In other words, we are not created only to be added up in our growing population. Every person has his own purpose or some might identify it as their “calling”. God created us to be His instrument in every aspect of life. The question is how we use our God-given talents in order to play our part as His instrument to spread His love. Some people think that their lives are useless and even wish that they were never born because the world would be better off without them. They never consider the fact that in order to have a life worth living they should begin to think first and foremost of the mission that God has bestowed upon them and how they will carry it out. Only in that way they would find their lives worthy enough because they have something to accomplish. We should always put into mind that though we cannot do everything we could always do something.

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