When it comes to me sitting down and listening to a story I look for a few specific characteristics that the story must have for me to consider it interesting and well told. To begin with, the character of the story must be somewhat realistic and it really helps when it is somewhat like me. The story must get to its point quickly and keep me on the edge of my seat in order for me to pay attention, otherwise I often find myself becoming distracted and quickly losing interest in the story. This was one of the few aspects about today's assignment that I felt could use a little improvement. The author, Hans Ostrom, gives us some great and interesting information; however, I feel he needs to get to the point in some situations and keep the story flowing. Although I realize some stories are going to be fictional, I really enjoy hearing a story that is realistic and could actually happen to me. I am not saying that the first time I hear something fictional in a story I give up on it, but I would much rather be able to sit down and hear something that applies to myself. This is one aspect of Ostrom's story for today's assignment that I liked. The introduction includes information about him showing up early to class everyday because that is how he is and if there are any questions he would take care of those then. He also adds that because of being there for those seven minutes before class starts he is able to gain personal information on his students which sometimes he knows they would rather him not know. I just found that part pretty interesting because it made me realize that as students we do talk about whatever until the teacher is ready to begin. Finally, I feel that a great story needs a great ending. By this I mean an ending should pull everything together unless the story is meant to leave the audience hanging. I feel that a sub-par ending will bring down a well written story extremely and leave a somewhat sour impression on the listener.

Story 9 of 10 on the basis of 2576 Review.