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Some people wear it, some people trade it, and some even study it. Thousands moved their belongings just too look for it in hills where it supposedly was. Risking their lives, herds of people walked, sailed, and rode across the country or across the world just to get their hands on this money maker. This completely natural element has in some ways shaped our lives and the way we live today. It has become a style must-have on wrists, fingers, ears, around necks, on toes, and even pierced in tongues. It doesn’t stop there; people have become so crazed over this element that they wear it as teeth. An object first found for the sole purpose of currency, it has become a way of showing wealth and creating new styles. First found in the United States at Sutters mill in northern California, gold has become something that we unknowingly depend on every day to enrich our lives.
People have devoted their lives to searching hills, rivers, and flatlands to find this element that seems to be the most important thing to us. According to Responsiblegold.Org, geologists use satellites and geochemistry to find these ore deposit mines located through out the United States, but mainly in Nevada, California, Alaska, and a few other states. Once they find the mines, it is not just sitting there waiting to be taken. Gold miners must receive permits to search for the gold and to destroy land masses to find rocks that are worth millions. Whoever decided that this element was worth so much must have been a really popular guy. Persuading a human race that this natural element, that anyone can get a hold of, is worth changing their lifestyles around for, takes some serious speech and debate skills. I applaud James Marshall for keeping his eyes open when wandering through John Sutter’s mill early on January 24, 1848. He was doing his daily morning routine down by the stream and when he looked to his left his eyes lit up and he realized he had come upon the ever so popular, gold. He couldn’t believe it! This was what everyone on the West coast had been looking for and he had found it unintentionally . When he took it to one of the other mill workers he was in aw at the sight of something so beautiful. In order to make sure they were right, and to bring them back to reality, they did a number of tests to make sure it was in fact gold. The secret got out that gold had been found, and soon enough the gold Rush of 1849 was off and running.
The rush for gold is certainly not what it used to be, but plays just as much of a role in our lives now as it did back then. It was used for money, sold while it was still a rock in trade for coins but wasn’t used as jewelry nearly as much as it is now. Proving that history repeats itself, we have gone back to these ways of trading in money for gold. ABC News reports people are now resulting to trading in old jewelry for money because of the weak economy. A woman, January Thomas came up with the idea one day and now holds Gold parties. She claims them to be the best type of party because instead of leaving the party down a gift, you leave the party with cash in your pocket. They are like the new age Tupperware parties accept a lot more valuable. A party where you don’t have to shop for gifts, buy food, or worry about what necklace to wear, and get cash money! Sounds good to me. The bling is weighed and tested for its content and quality then the transaction is made with cash right to your pocket.
Everyone knows rappers love gold and everything about it. They wear it all over their body and on their cars. The American way of life, “the bigger the better” certainly applies when talking about gold. People wear necklaces that weigh more then their arms and have rims on their cars that are taller then the actual car. These things may seem excessive, but with the everlasting access to this material nothing is too big. We believe somehow that big shiny rocks in our ears make us more attractive and gold in our teeth is “hella dope”. My mom used to threaten me by telling me if I did something wrong she would wash my mouth out with soap. Nowadays that would seem like a perfectly normal thing to do for some people, grills have to be cleaned somehow. It seems like people will get anything pierced these days and people crazy enough to do this always want the world’s finest material in the piercing to make it look good. With the pressure to always be the best some people go to the extreme just to be noticed. Gold has used its mind –boggling power to make people go through intense physical pain just to look good. Gold makes people do things that most people thought only women could make men do.
Gold was first found in 1848 by James Marshall at Sutter’s mill. From that day on America would never be the same. We have never depended on something so much through out our lives and not even realized it. We use this gold to save our soldiers and troops in battles and to buy groceries for our families. Homeless people beg for coins because that is the most needed thing to succeed in life. With out the currency of gold we wouldn’t be able to function and trade with other countries like we do now. Gold is as a currency but also as an accessory. People show off their gold necklaces, earrings, toe rings, belly button rings, and watches just to show off their wealth. When you see someone on the street with a huge gold rock on their finger you know that they are a serious person worth a lot of money. Weather it be used for money or show-boating we depend on gold to get us through out day.

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