Democracy In Colonial America
There were many democratic and undemocratic features in Colonial America. The democratic features were representative government, rights of the poeple, and people was the source of power. Some undemocratic features were king and queens and no rights. The democratic features worked out more than the undemocratic features which made democracy in Colonial America.
Maryland's Act of Toleration is a very good example of democracy. What more is better than having peace by having friendship and love in the colonies with each other? No more worrying about being disliked for being a different religion. And not being striped of your rights because of your different religion. And the House of Burgesses and the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut gave people the freedom to vote for their own representatives. People finally got to be the source if power and got more rights.
There were also many undemocratic features as well. African Americans of course had no rights at all in the past. They didn't even have a choice to decide wheather they can be shipped off to America for slavery purposes! They were treated less than HUMAN BEINGS when they were on the ship. Nobody cared about their needs. And women having no rights, they couldn't even vote. The men had all the control, women couldn't even own land or get the kids after divorce. Talk about no rights!
Some things were both combined. Like when it was time to vote. Only men could vote, but there were some limitations to that. They had to be white, male, Christian, and had to own land. If they didn't meet those requirements, then they couldn't vote at all! No Africans, slaves, Native Americans, nor women could vote. It was democratic for letting people vote, but undemocratic for having alot of limitations on WHO CAN VOTE.
The democratic and undemocratic features were a big part of Colonial America. Maryland’s Act of Toleration, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, and Virginia House of Burgesses are three democratic...
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