1. What is a relationship?
A relationship is a bond or connection you have with other people. Some examples of a healthy relationship are when people have shared values, interest and mutual respect. People encourage and support each other and both people benefit and feel comfortable about their partner.
2. What are the three main relationships we have in our lives?
* Family – immediate and extended family. Last your entire life. Enhance all sides of the health triangle.
* Friendships – significant relationships between two people that is based on caring, trust and consideration.
* Community – the way you conduct yourself in the community and work with others for the good of that community.

3. Give three characteristics that all healthy relationships have?
* Mutual respect and consideration.
* Honesty.
* Dependability
* commitment
4. What are three ways that we communicate in relationships?
* Communication – Ways of sending and receiving messages. Lets people know your feeling, thoughts and expectations. Lets you discover feelings, wants, needs and knowledge.
* Cooperation – working together for the good of all. Helps build strong relationships.
* Compromise – a problem solving method that involves each person giving up something to reach a solution that satisfies everyone. Shows caring and values the relationship.

5. What defines a relationship as harmful?
If one partner starts to disrespect the other, or gives them no space, or if one partner begins to mess with honesty and loyalty. And if any type of abuse begins to arise or happens,(physical, mental, verbal, sexual)
6. If you or someone you know is in a harmful relationship, what can you do about the situation?
* RECOGNIZE- become aware of acts that are abusive.
* RESIST –resist in any way you can. Be assertive and stand up for yourself (or the other person).
* REPORT – tell someone about the incidents of abuse as soon as you can.
You could first find an adult to tell about your problem and then finally get yourself or the other person out of that relationship before something bad happens.
7. Give three examples of types of abuse and explain what each of them is.
* Emotional – a pattern of behavior that attacks the emotional development and sense of worth.
* Physical – the intentional infliction of bodily harm or injury on another person.
* Sexual – any sexual contact that is forced upon a person against his/her will.
* Child – domestic abuse directed at a child.a

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