Action Summary
Trey sits reading alone in a park, seeking peace in his life. Janice approachesTrey, wanting to gather courage to get the revenge she desires. Trey, who does not know why Janice is coming to him, offers encouragement (out of a strong sense of guilt). As Janiceʼs comments become more and more geared toward shocking Trey, he tries to avoid what he now realizes is Janiceʼs reason for coming to him. Trey tries to level with Janice, asking her what he can do for her. Janice, taken aback by the offer, just wants Trey to accept the blame. Trey will not allow himself to be held responsible, so he continues to prove his innocence. His insistence that he did not commit the murder fuels Janice, who becomes angrier. She demands that he admit his guilt. Trey, though, is unaffected by her interrogation, and still tries to coerce her into seeing his side of the story. This pushes Janice even further, to the point of attacking Trey verbally. When Trey still wonʼt give in, Janice is at somewhat of a loss of what to do. She only wants to find the answers sheʼs been searching for. Trey is concerned for Janice, and tries to comfort her. She reacts, almost violently to this at first, but as Trey insists on trying to make her see that he is not guilty, she reaches out for a moment. However, in reaching out to him, she doesnʼt find the closure she has been searching for. All she has left is to condemn him, and leave. Trey, still wanting peace for her, concedes to appeasing her final questions. They leave in opposite directions, neither finding what they had originally come to the park to find.

Spine of the Action
Janiceʼs need for answers, closure versus Treyʼs inability to prove his innocence

Given Circumstances
Geographic- A park in the United States, presumably near a university.
Climate- Warm enough to enjoy a day sitting in a park.
Date- Not mentioned directly, but school doesnʼt seem to be in session, so
perhaps a summer month.
Day- Not mentioned directly, but since it is during the day, it may be a weekend,
as neither are working.
Time- Not mentioned directly, but Trey has been reading in a park, so there must
be sunlight. It is probably the early afternoon.

Thereʼs nothing in the dialogue that says mentions the either characterʼs
economic status. However, it is safe to probably safe to assume that Trey is feeling financial stress due to the cost of his legal fight.

Since the play takes place in the United States, we are in a democratic republic.
The judicial system is of particular importance within the script.

Family certainly has played a strong role in the lives of these characters. Trey and Mona, Janiceʼs sister, had dated before her death. Presumably, they met at the same university. He and Janice are both feeling the loss very heavily. She is straining to find peace of mind. Trey, unable to grieve properly, is just trying to figure out how to go on under the accusations.

The only mention of religion is Treyʼs. He has a semi-catholic belief. This
shapes his thinking enough to give him hope that, somewhere, a higher power knows he is innocent.
Polar Attitudes
First- Distraught and desperate about her sisterʼs unsolved murder.
Last- Still distraught, but for knowing that she may never find closure, she
may never recover
First- Feeling alienated, but not condemned
Last- Alone again, but now strained of having to prove himself
Character Traits
Age: Appears as if she is in college
Gender: Female
Race: Not specifically mentioned, but the director should keep in mind there
doesnʼt appear to be any racial undertones to the script.
Other: No physical traits are given, but stakes are raised for her if she is smaller than Trey
She is of school age, so she is either in college or late in high school.
She is lonely and has cut herself off from her friends. She was likely to
have been popular before.
Craving Information
In need of answers about Monaʼs death
Mode of Attack: Lays it all on Trey
Traits, Trey Age: College Age
Gender: Male
Race: Non is specifically mentioned, see note for Janice
Other: He has been accused of murder, and it is showing physically. He is miserable
with the life he is leading.
He has been attending college, but it is unsaid whether or not he has stopped his enrollment.
He had been dating Mona before her murder. After the accusations, he
has probably lost all friends and acquaintances.
Waited Wants to be proven innocent
Struggling with trauma
“Sort-of” Catholic
Motivational Drives
Janice: To find answers she believes she can only find in Trey in order to move on and find closure
Trey: To appease Janice as best he can in order to move on with his day
Janice to Trey
Cold Calculating Murderer Emotionally Void
Trey to Janice
The only person he wishes to prove innocence to at this moment

able of Perceptions
guilty of murder
never going to recover
Core Meaning Though we have a strong personal need, some questions may never be
| |Trey |Janice |
|Trey |Innocent |Mournful |
|Janice |Guilty of murder |Never going to recover |
| | | |

Core Meaning
Though we have a strong personal need, some questions may never be answered.

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