Writing a Pride and Prejudice Essay

There are several literature classes that focus on the classics and the themes presented from past literature. If you are taking a basic English course, then one of the probable assignments is a Pride and Prejudice essay. If you want to make sure that you are able to focus on this essay in the right manner, then understanding the themes and the different concepts that can be applied will provide you with a thesis that lets your professor know that you understand the material that has been studied. Following are some of the common themes to consider when developing your essay.
1. Character development. The characters of Mr. Bennet, Mr. Collins, Elizabeth and Darcy all play strong roles in the themes of the book. Analyzing how each of the characters develop on their own for your literature coursework, as well as how they interact with each other, can help you to show not only the basic ideas portrayed by the author, but also themes that are depicted in the book.
2. Gender issues. A common set of themes that is used in this book is based on social criticism of the time, specifically related to gender. The roles that the characters play, as well as the statements about marriage and women’s roles are questioned by the author. Analyzing the different characters and how they look at gender roles and understanding how these realizations change by the end of the novel can present a strong thesis toward gender, specifically related to this time frame.
3. Social class and the wealthy. A strong point that is defined by the author throughout this book is based on social class and divisions because of wealth. Several characters can be analyzed regarding this central issue, which leads them to different actions and consequences. Comparing different characters and how they look at wealth, as well as social class, shows not only a central issue of the time period, but also a universal theme relating to attitudes about wealth.
4. Literary techniques of symbolism. The setting, description of items and different elements surrounding each of the characters is not only used to show where each individual is at. There is also use of symbolism with several of the elements used. For instance, the indoor and outdoor settings are used as a central theme to reflect what the characters are going through in the book. You can find several essay examples that can provide insight into the literary techniques and how it relates to the central theme.
5. Title references. One of the universal themes represented throughout the book is seen first in the title. Analyzing how pride is used in certain instances, as well as depictions of prejudice can help with the Pride and Prejudice essay. This will show the central themes of the novel that are noted through the characters and the plot development. If you can’t find the right approach to this, then getting English coursework help is one of the approaches to take.
These basic themes through the book can provide a general thesis for your Pride and Prejudice essay and can help you to move into a deeper understanding of the book. By referencing the actions and character development that is shown by these central themes can then assist in the creation of your paper while showing a complete analysis of the novel.
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