Basic Concepts of Extended Essays

The core requirements of specific higher education programs not only include courses that have to be taken, but also include tests and papers that have to be written. A requirement for those who are receiving an IB is to write extended essays as a prerequisite to receiving a diploma. Understanding what is involved in this particular style of writing and finding the best approach to writing this paper can help you to move into higher grades while working through a bachelor program. By defining this first, you will easily be able to determine whether this type of diploma is right for your needs.
Extended essays are known as research papers that are used to measure how much you have learned, and is specific to those receiving an International Bachelors. Instead of a specific requirement or topic, you are able to research information on a given topic of your choice as a part of the writing assignments. The average word count for this type of paper is 4,000 words, or 15 pages of writing. This will work as one of the final prerequisites for those who are interested in graduating with this specific diploma.
While this particular type of writing allows a student to write on their topic through independent study, it is recommended that you focus on specific topics. These are usually related to the credits and the courses that have been studied over time. For instance, if one is looking at a degree in the field of English, then an independent study on a piece of literature or elements related to English is best to focus on. This shows not only that a student is interested in the courses they have taken, but also allows them to apply specific components from the classes in which you have studied in while showing your level of university essay writing.
When you are writing the paper required, you will be given a supervisor to look at the revisions and information that is given. This is combined with recommendations that are given when reading through the paper. After you finish the final draft, it will go in front of several assessors to review the information that is presented. To earn a final diploma, one will need to earn an average of 28 points with both general writing skills as well as information that is pertinent to the topic of choice. This is based on a total of 36 points, which are defined by general writing skills and specific ideas related to your topic of choice. If you want to see essays that have received higher grades, then looking at essay examples can help you to begin writing your needed information.
If you are interested in receiving an IB diploma, then looking at the requirements for graduation is one of the considerations to make. The extended essays are one of the main focuses that are a part of this, and which show your level of learning as you move through this program. Understanding the requirements and focus for this particular type of paper will then help you to receive the points desired while moving toward your diploma.
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