Receiving Higher Grades with Good Essays

Unlike multiple choice, short answers or basic questions, good essays require a specific grading system that differs from these types of tests. If you are working on a specific paper, you want to make sure that you meet the grading requirements. This will influence your teacher to give you a higher mark while allowing you to write with ease. Knowing what your teacher is looking for first will help you to write without any blocks or inabilities to achieve a higher grade.
1. Grammar and spelling. The first concept that a teacher will look at to mark you down with on an essay is the grammar and spelling. You want to make sure that you edit your paper to prevent awkward sentences and structures that may not work in your favor.
2. Organization and formatting. If your paper moves off topic or doesn’t read in a logical manner, then you will most likely not achieve a higher grade. Most teachers are looking for each paragraph to have a theme that relates to your main thesis and which progresses through specific ideas to show research and your understanding of a topic. Even if you are working on a longer paper, each section should read in a logical manner. If you are not sure how to organize your chosen topic, then looking at an essay example can help.
3. Missing materials. If you are writing on a specific topic or thesis, then you don’t want to assume certain things and leave others out. You want to make sure that everything you state has proof and is backed up with research. If you are writing an argumentative or reflective essay through specific writing assignments, then you want to make sure that your materials are still supporting any assumptions you need to make.
4. Persuasive. If you want to move past a basic set of ideals and into good essays, then you should work toward being persuasive. Even if you have a factual thesis, you want to show why this is correct. With academic papers, this works best with research and arguments by scholars that further claim the ideas from your thesis. Most books, journals and other research items will include specific viewpoints that can relate to your thesis.
5. Creativity. Even though academic papers are based on research, you still have some room to add in creativity. You can choose a thesis or topic that not only allows you to prove a certain point, but also which gives you room to present your viewpoint. Using examples, ideas and angles that differ from the normal essay will show your teacher that you are thinking about the materials, understand the topic and that you have approached specific ideas critically, which shows a level of university level writing.
With these different concepts, you will have the ability to move past the basic marks and into a higher grade. Knowing the basics toward crafting good essays will then introduce you into new approaches to writing and receiving a positive response from your professor. Moving beyond the basics and into extra ideas then helps you to get a higher grade and more recognition for your ability to recognize the concepts taught in class.
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