Examples and Functions of Academic Essays

Do you know the different types of academic essays? If you are not familiar with them, then we will discuss about the different ways to write an essay. Actually, we can partition academic essays into three major segments. These are the coursework, research paper and essay. Technically speaking all of them has the same structural design when it comes to formats. But the purposes and the functions of these papers as they are perceived by your teachers will greatly vary. One teacher may put greater grade weights on research papers while another one may consider coursework to be more significant to do. In any case, here are the classifications of essay types.
The coursework type is actually very flexible, there are some essay writing prompts that will be provided to you and you have to adhere to the instructions. The prompt maybe in question or command form. In writing coursework papers, you are not restricted to the general format of essays. You can provide essay paragraphs at the start while you can solve math equations at the bottom. Coursework can also be considered as class work. You can do the project on your seat and submit it to your teacher later on. A coursework can also be in the form of special projects that may involve library work, field work or reporting.
The research paper type of an essay can also be called the research paper or term paper. The basic parameters that will make it different form the rest of articles is that the contents are based on researches. You must complete a research process in order to satisfy the conditions set by the teacher. The process of researching and results will greatly depend on the thesis statement that you have created. The thesis sentence should be something that is assertive so that you need a good reason to research for it.
The essay type of an academic essay is of course the general format of essays. It should contain the introduction, body and the conclusion. These are all important parts of an essay. No matter what your topic is, you should put all of them in a single article. But because an essay can be considered a general format, you can classify it according to the direction and purpose of writing. There are so many essay types that you can choose from. You can write a definition essay, narrative essay, descriptive essay, classification essay, argumentative essay, persuasive essay, expository essay and a whole lot more. Some academic essays can also be classified according to its function. One article can be a university assignment essay, an essay report, a resume paper part or even a scholarship essay.
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