Essay Format for Writing Concepts

There are many interpretations when it comes to understanding an essay format. Some people will tell you that an essay format is about the citation style to use. You can utilize the Harvard, MLA or APA formats in an essay. Others will give you meanings that will relate to the structure of the paragraphs. They will tell you that the introduction, body and the conclusion are all paragraph standards in an essay format. But there are also some people that will say an essay format is simply the direction of writing that you wish to achieve. In this case, we will talk about the latter. There are technically various essay formats that you can utilize. It is just a matter of choice or instructions coming from the teacher. Let us tabulate the different essay formats that you can apply to your articles.
Narrative essay – this essay format only intends to talk about a narrative. It wants to tell a story out of a topic selected by the writer. The story can be base don personal experience, observation, analysis of a topic or even as a fictional mode of discussion. You can simply write a narrative essay based on the story telling capacity of your mind.
Descriptive essay – this type of an essay format is suitable to talk about things that are not popular. It intends to describe the special aspects and features of different subjects. It can be about a person, thing, location or event. As a writer for this format, you should vividly describe the subjects at hand. Don’t talk about too general aspects rather, make sure that you have very specific concepts.
Argumentative essay – this essay type is usually delegated as assignments of students. The argumentative factor in the essay makes sure that you know how to defend your thoughts and opinions. There should be a single matter to talk about and you should only have a one sided opinion about it. Then you can defend it by providing good proofs and evidences.
Persuasive essay format – this is a little bit similar to the argumentative essay format. It is because you are encouraging your readers to accept whatever you have to say in the essay. You need to provide them the proofs and evidences in order to get carried away with your presentation of ideas.
Process and procedure essay – it is an essay format that talks about how something was made. It is not restricted to talk about only the things that matter, it can also discuss events and how the scenarios happened. You should have a strong level of reasoning skills in order to know the processes involved in an event.
Analytical essay – this last essay format is about analyzing another article. You should be able to come up with a general impression of another work and let your readers decided whether they will accept your opinion or not. Writing an analytical essay is not easy. You have to write the summary of the article first then delegate your thoughts.
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