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Are you bothered by some essay questions that you cannot ask? Well this article is probably your best source of information when it comes to answering some of the basic essay questions. If you have some misunderstood concepts about essay writing, then take a look at some of the questions below together with the simplest answers.
You should first realize that an essay can be an assignment essay or a coursework essay. Sometimes, there is also a definition segment for class work essays and research essays. But no matter what the case may be, you still need to follow the same procedures in writing a quality essay paper. Let’s get started with the questions about essay writing.
What topics should I write about in an essay? You can choose any topics. As long as your teacher allows you to utilize any subjects, then choose something that is feasible, important, relevant to the readers, interesting and has many supporting documents. Choose the general domain first like philosophy, economics, law or biology. Then you can narrow down your selection process by targeting specific scopes within these general domain first.
What is the thesis statement of an essay? Just like when you write a thesis paper, dissertation or other articles, the thesis statement is the core idea of the paper. You need to have a sense of direction in writing. This way you can easily discuss the different parameters in your topic interest. It is much easier to talk about something if you have a topic or idea statement. The thesis must be assertive and very specific.
What are the basic parts of an essay? You have probably read the previous article in our Archives. It discusses the different parts of an essay. But if you are still not familiar with the parts, then let me give you the three basic segments. The first one is the introduction. This is the background discussion of the topic. The second segment is the body paragraph. Actually, it can contain one or more paragraph segments. The last is the conclusion. This part is the summary of the entire paper. It is the resolution to the thesis problem statement.
What style of citation should I use? You can use any citation formats from APA to Harvard, MLA to Chicago. Be aware of the factors to consider in using any of these styles of referencing. Remember that you need to do pagination, in text citation and bibliography page writing in order to utilize the formats mentioned above.
What is the last task for to write an essay? This last essay question can be answered by proofreading. This is the last thing to do. You should eliminate the possible errors in your written document. It can be about spelling, grammar structure or incoherent paragraphs. It can also be referencing errors or inaccuracies in your data.
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