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There are many ways for you to write an academic essay. In fact, you can even modify these essays in forms that will represent a set of various skills. At high school and college levels academic essays are more important because these are used to evaluate your skills in writing and communicating. Through these essays you will also be able to show your ability to become a responsible writer, disciplined and resourceful. So what are the different academic essay writing scopes that you should understand? Let me give you some of the most common types of essays according to the purpose of writing. So whether you are writing a class essay or an assignment essay, you will know what to do.
1. Narrative essay. This is one of the simplest and most relaxing types of any written articles. A narrative essay is simply a story. This story may be from the personal experience of the author, his perception of life, an observation or even a fictional form of narrative. There are no boundaries and your imagination is the best source of a written narrative essay. You can still apply the basic parts in essay writing like thesis statement, introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.
2. Descriptive essay. This kind of an essay provides clearer understanding of some object, person, event or location. The descriptive essay is usually used to measure the ability of the student to understand what he is writing and then deliver the same info to the readers. You need to be very observant and analytical in writing such an essay. Therefore you can vividly describe the subject interest within your essay paper.
3. Persuasive essay. An assignment essay can also be in a form of a persuasive article. In this case you are going to influence the mindset of the readers. You can do this by providing an argument that you can support with evidence and facts. You can then change the thinking of the readers in accordance with your own. It may be a hard thing to do but with a good grasp of the topic and a good set of information about your supporting details nothing is impossible.
4. Argumentative essay. This one involves the same feature as the persuasive essay. The only difference in this academic essay writing form is that you are affirming an opinion to be valid no matter what. You will have a hard time focusing on a topic if you do not really believe in something to be valid. Therefore you need to choose a topic that you really know and could defend. Make sure to provide enough references and proofs to make your argument valid.
There are other academic essay writing materials that you need to know. We will talk about it later in a separate part of this article. For now, you may try to concentrate on the presented types above. If you need to order any English essays, you can simply order one from our website.
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