Descriptive Essay Writing Tips

You must have heard of an essay type that describes an object or topic in reference. Well obviously you already know what it is called, a descriptive essay. The main goal of writing such an article is to let the students become more analytical. It will also give them the chance to develop their communication skills because describing the attributes of an object requires you to be a very effective communicator, to deliver the exact descriptions to your audiences. So in this article, we will talk about how you can make your descriptive essay more exciting and achieve higher quality features even if it has biology, music or literature as a topic.
The first thing that you need to do is to know the parameters of an ordinary essay. There are only three segments that you need to incorporate in your descriptive essay; introduction, body and the conclusion. These three parts provides the general format for any essay types so you should consider including all of them in your paper.
Next is to select a topic interest. This will give you the very soul of your paper. Of course when you choose a topic, it will help if you will consider those that are significant and important, feasible, have many research resources and of course interesting. Why would you want to describe the events in 9/11 terror attacks if you can use a topic about describing what Boracay Island looks like? By the way it is such a good idea if you will choose a topic in conjunction to creating a thesis statement. Remember that your thesis statement becomes the main idea of your essay so it is best realized with the selection of your topic. Choose a thesis statement that will generally provide your opinion about the qualities and features of the subject that you are going to describe. Then you can support this opinion with your descriptions details in the body paragraph discussions.
When you write the body paragraphs of the essay, make sure that you utilize the most of the five senses for describing. That is if all of them can be used. For example if you want to describe the atmosphere inside the Museum of Natural history, you can use the five senses except probably taste. What I mean is that you should utilize as much “sensory” description profiles as possible. Also, you should provide very detailed information for each sensory profile that you wish to use. Make the description vivid from the most general detail up to the most specific that we normally dismiss as descriptive factors.
The perfect essay that intends to describe should be able to entice the readers to read the whole of your article. Also, it should make the readers become more familiar with the object of description. You can use any object scopes not only about things. You can describe persons, places, events and other objects that you encounter in life. Follow the tips above and write a good descriptive essay.
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