Critical Essay: What to Include in the Article

The main objective of a critical essay is to evaluate another article. In most cases, students will have to read another set of essays just to get the idea of how to evaluate papers with different topics. In this kind of a project, you will be able to develop your skills to be a critical thinker, be able to improve your writing skills, improve your presentation of personal opinions and become very resourceful. So what should I do to write a quality critical essay article? Let us find out.
When you are about to write your first critical essay, take time to search for quality documents that you want to criticize. This will help you further improve your analysis because you can check out the topics that you are really interested in. first stop is to select a topic or genre that you wish to utilize. For example if you are interested about biology or math topics, then you can refine your search for articles with these subjects. In that way, you will be very motivated to write an analysis of the article that you will find.
There are some misconceptions that writing a critical essay is equivalent to finding the weak spots of articles. There are also some instances that students will write their critical essay in a manner that attacks the negative characteristics of the analyzed document. This should not be the case because analyzing and criticizing an article is a two way parameter consideration. It is either you are for or against the writer’s ideas. In this case, you can really write a critical essay that involves very positive attributes of your evaluation of a document. If you like what is written in the article then you can say so in your essay.
Now let us go to the technical aspect of your critical essay. The first thing that you need to do is to write a brief introduction of the article at hand. Make it a point to provide details why you have selected the article and what you first impressions are. Afterward, you can provide a strong thesis statement about your opinion of the article’s contents. This way, your readers will have an idea what to expect in the remaining parts of the essay. Your judgment of the perfect essay will come out naturally as you go along the discussion paragraphs. Afterwards, it is important that you write a brief summary of the article being analyzed. Try to expose as much contents as possible. Then, you can start writing in the body paragraphs the discussions that will support your thesis statement. Provide proofs so that your argument will be reliable and highly credible. For added discussion, mention also some points that are in contrast to your outlook just to respect other readers’ opinions. Close the article with a summary that reiterates your notion in the thesis statement.
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