MLA Format Paper – Learn Before You Write

MLA Format Paper – Learn Before You Write
Don’t get confused with the different types of formatting
With a multitude of style formats while writing an essay, it is quite normal to blink when asked to write an MLA format paper on any topic. However, when you are assigned to complete a task it should be done in the right format within the prescribed time with all the instructions of your professor followed. Writing in the correct format with the right number of spacing and the perfect citation is always important irrespective of the type of formatting style asked for.
There are many types of style formatting like APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian style paper. Among these, MLA format paper is the most prominently and widely used. This format of essay writing was published by the Modern Language Association of America. It is followed in the United States and Canada and many other countries widely. There are many norms that have to be followed while writing an essay or dissertation in this format. They are listed below for your reference.
* The first page which is called the title page should have the title of the paper in the center and it is of high importance that you provide your course details, the university details and your name along with the instructors name along with any other information your professor had instructed to provide.
* It is mandatory for the essay to be computer generated on a white 8.5 by 11 inch paper.
* There should be a header which shows the surname along with the page number on ever page at the right hand corner.
* There should be a margin of 1 inch on all pages on all four sides.
* The text in your MLA format paper should be normal in the font Times New Roman with the font size as 12.
* Double spacing should be followed throughout the paper.
* The first line of any paragraph should be intended by half an inch from the left margin.
* After each punctuation mark, space should be provided but only once.
* Use quotation marks whenever and wherever necessary. It should not be used in the title page unless you are quoting some other person’s work
* Take care with all the punctuation marks and use then carefully and wisely.
*All the tables and figures should have the title “Table” and “Figure” with the right numbering and captions respectively.
* Citations are very vital to any research paper. You should provide all the citations in a neat and orderly fashion.
* If you have used endnotes, it should be provided in a separate page ahead of the reference page.
If you follow all these rules, your MLA format paper will definitely be a success provided you have researched your topic well and have done a good job on the research paper.
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