Research Paper Citation Styles

Research Paper Citation Styles When you want to write a good research paper you should firstly think over the research paper citation style you can use. Very often your tutor can give you the task to use this or that research paper citation style. And it turns to be difficult to write a project if you are not aware of the peculiarities of the research paper citation styles.

For the student the most frequent research paper citation styles are:

* APA research paper citation style;
* MLA research paper citation style;
* Chicago research paper citation style.

APA (American Psychological Association)

The APA research paper citation is mostly used when conducting a research on:

* Psychology;
* Education;
* Economics;
* Law;
* Linguistics.

APA is one of the most frequently used formats. The text is presented according to the scheme:

Author’s name – publication date – title –number of pages – publication place – name of the publisher.

As you can see the scheme is rather simple you should just know the plan.

MLA (Modern Language Association)

The students choose this research paper citation style when dealing with:

* Literature;
* Arts;
* Religion;
* History;
* Philosophy.

If you are going to write the research paper on any humanities you should pick out this research paper citation style.

The scheme is easy: author’s name – book’s name –number of pages– publication place – name of the publisher – date – pages.


Chicago research paper citation style helps to illustrate the sources which were used in the work. The Chicago research paper citation style presents the information directly taken from newspapers, books, or Internet sources used, whereas the other research paper citation styles give only some pieces of the information.

As for the scheme it is the next:

Author’s name – date – title – number of pages – publication place – publisher name – additional information.

You can use any of this research paper citation styles, just remember the rules and be careful!

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Research Paper Citation StylesResearch Paper Citation Styles
Research Paper Citation Styles

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