3 Dissertation Questions that All Students Want to Answer

3 Dissertation Questions that All Students Want to Answer Sure, when it comes to writing dissertations, students have tons of dissertation questions and problems they do not know how to solve. However, some of those dissertation questions are more important, others you will be able to answer in the course of writing and researching. The main thing you should keep in mind is that there are no dissertation questions that could not be answered or difficulties that could not be managed.

Yet, in this article, we want to touch upon three very important dissertation questions that all those who sign up for completing the project are concerned with. We will provide some universal answers to those three dissertation questions, but should point out that you still can develop own solutions to problems we discuss here.

Dissertation question 1: how to complete the project on time?

Although you can always ask for a dissertation extension, you still do not want to work on the project for ages, and the dissertation committee does not want to wait for ages too. One of the main secrets of a timely prepared dissertation is time management and planning. If you plan everything right from the start, work on the project regularly, you do have chances to finish before the deadline.

Dissertation question 2: how to cope with the writer’s block?

It is a common obstacle on the way to a degree for many writers, and everyone comes up with own ways to cope with the writer’s block. Yet, there is one solution that works almost for everyone. If you cannot go on writing, do something else related to your project, e.g. start arranging your bibliography, make a title page, or read another scientific article.

Dissertation question 3: how not to go mad when writing the dissertation?

This dissertation question bothers all students. Everybody knows how stressful and exhausting dissertation writing can be. The sooner you will learn to cope with stress, the better for you. These are some simple rules to remember:

* do not overwork;
* know when to stop and take a rest;
* go out regularly;
* meet with friends.

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