Producing a Perfect A-Level Paper is an Achievement Worth Applauding

Producing a Perfect A-Level Paper is an Achievement Worth Applauding
A-level Paper – A Basic Guide To Write The Perfect One
Writing is a process through which writers can express their thoughts, ideas and beliefs using a pen and paper. It is also an another way of exploring various interesting and diverse themes. Through his writings a writer can express his opinions, critically appraise something, give information on an important and interesting issue or maybe even describe something in details to make his reader aware of its utilities. However, writing , though a very popular way of communicating with a large group of people has many aspects and many set standards that needs to be followed every time a writer decides to ink his thoughts and beliefs. A writer is judged by his style and writing skills which includes no grammatical error, no spelling mistakes, careful selection of words, smooth flow of words and sentences all interlinked and not just laid out haphazardly and a strong well co-ordinated outline. A student can produce an A-level paper when all these are taken into account while writing. Good writing will not come in a day ,but as practice makes a man perfect, so will regular writing, dedication and an open,eager mind ready to learn will perhaps one day produce a literary masterpiece.
It is true that writing an essay is not actually a bed of roses and doesn’t come in a day’s work and it is not always easy to come up with an excellent A-level paper. It requires good writing skills, excellent command over the language, expertise on the subject or topic, a keen eye for details and a knowledge of all the writing formats that is MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and other writing styles.
An A-level paper will have the following qualities:
1.Quality of writing should be good and impressive so that it can engage the reader. While it is true that not all readers will agree with the writer’s viewpoint and some will not like the essay at all, however the writing quality should be such that majority of the readers will like to read it even if some of them do not agree with the writer’s opinion.
2.Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are an absolute no-no. However brilliant the writing is,even one such mistake would bring about a negative impact on the reader’s mind and thus spoil the whole effect.
3.The writing should have a title that is eye catching and strong. However it should be relevant to the writing too. Good writers know how to attract readers by giving a good title which will also speak about the theme of the essay.
4.The outline of the essay should be strong and well co ordinated. The language should be smooth flowing and easy to understand. The writer should know the topic very well otherwise lack of knowledge on the topic would show in the writing and it would put him in a bad perspective in the reader’s mind.
5.The cover page of the essay should be well made as it creates the first impression. A poorly made cover page will discourage the reader from reading further on
Writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. To put in to writing one’s experiences, views, ideas is definitely not easy for some while others may find it inspiring to even pick up a pen to start writing. There are different people with different talents and one who is good at writing may not necessarily be good at other aspects of life. Similarly a person who feels frustrated at the thought of picking up a pen and paper to write may be a brilliant painter, sculptor, mathematician or a very good musician.

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