Dissertation Presentation: How to Get Through It Easily

Dissertation Presentation: How to Get Through It Easily It is not a secret that almost all graduate students are afraid of a dissertation defense presentation. And the main reason for that is not their incompetence or bad understanding of a subject. The dissertation presentation is just a very stressful process.

Although your dissertation presentation cannot decide the destiny of the whole project, you still have to make the best impression on the committee. Let us help you with this tricky mission and explain important things about getting through dissertation presentations.

How to prepare for your dissertation presentation

There are several very useful things you can do before the presentation so that to avoid some unexpected situations during the defense.

1. First off, make sure that all committee members have a copy of your project, at least, two weeks before the dissertation presentation.
2. Try to talk to the members of your committee so that to figure out fields of their interests and thus get ready a little for possible questions.
3. Attend several dissertation presentations of other graduates to get a general idea of what you should be expecting.
4. Thoroughly plan your dissertation presentation several days before the defense.

What to do during your dissertation presentation

Actually, if you have planned your performance and decided on the main points to be covered, you will not have problems during the dissertation presentation. Yet, follow these simple rules:

* do not hesitate to use various technical devices;
* make hand-outs;
* be very attentive when the committee will be asking questions – if you do not get something, better ask once again;
* do not show that you are nervous, smile a little.

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