Term Paper Topics: Good Places to Start your Quest

Term Paper Topics: Good Places to Start your Quest Choosing term papers topics is what the process of term paper writing actually starts with. For many students, it is rather a stressful and time-consuming process. But you know what? It is better to spend more time coming up with the right term paper topic than try to cover the first issue you hit upon.

We will try to make the process of choosing term papers topics quicker and less stressful for you. Here are some places where you can start searching for topic ideas.


Maybe, you are sick of this advice already, but we know that many students still ignore it. Start searching for a term papers topic inside of you. Begin with your interests and preferences first. What do you feel strongly about? If you say you have no special interests, then follow the next advice. Begin with what you know so that not to cover a term paper topic you need to investigate from scratch.

Your notes and textbooks

Sometimes, good term paper topics “hide” as close as your notes and textbooks. Just take them out and start flicking through. Do you remember something that drew your attention, or left unclear, or you did not agree with? All these are good ideas to develop in your project.


Newspapers and scientific journals are the best resources where you can come across the latest news, and thus choose an up-to-date term paper topic. Besides, plenty of reputable periodicals are available online, which will make your work easier.


Libraries are good places to find not only term paper topics, but also useful sources to cover this or that issue. If you are an inexperienced library user, do not hesitate to ask a reference librarian for help.

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