Dissertation Proposals: a Simple Writing Guide for You

If you have just started writing a dissertation proposal, we are sure you have heaps of questions and points that should be clarified. What is more, we suppose you want to get answers written not in a scientific, complicated language, but in simple words that you will understand.

This is exactly what you will find here – a guide for writing dissertation proposals written in a simple language.

Goals to achieve when writing dissertation proposals

So, why do you actually have to write a dissertation proposal? Why cannot you just research a topic and get down to writing the dissertation itself? Well, you write the dissertation proposal for two major reasons:

1. It is a chance for you to figure out whether you have chosen the right topic and will be able to cover it.
2. It is a chance for you to convince the committee that you are ready for dissertation writing.

Things you are supposed to demonstrate when writing dissertation proposals

The dissertation committee wants you to demonstrate the following things in your dissertation proposal:

* that you have chosen and formulated a good research question;
* that you know why this question is important and can explain this to people who are not experts in your field;
* that you have formulated a hypothesis;
* that you have developed a plan of how to test the hypothesis and organize your dissertation research.

How much reading you need to prepare dissertation proposals

Many students think that they should read almost anything more or less related to their subject. It is not exactly so. First, it is just impossible and you might never start writing your dissertation proposal. Second, you simply need to make sure that you are familiar with all crucial works in your field and that they are discussed in your dissertation proposal.

We are also glad to explain you the most important things about a dissertation proposal defense.


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