Dissertation Proposal Defense: Things You Definitely Want to Know

Dissertation Proposal Defense: Things You Definitely Want to Know So, your dissertation research proposal is finally finished, the first important step is taken. What is next? If you think you can get down to writing your project straight away, do not hurry. Now that your proposal is ready, you have to defend it and prove during the oral dissertation proposal defense that you can start the real work.

We are sure you have some questions about the future dissertation proposal defense. You want to know how everything will look like and how to pass your dissertation proposal defense successfully.

This is why we are glad to answer some basic questions about dissertation proposal defenses right now.

What is a dissertation proposal defense all about?

Actually, your dissertation proposal defense is your last chance to prove yourself and the committee that you are ready to complete such huge project as a dissertation. You will have to describe your research problem briefly, demonstrate your understanding of background research, etc.

How will a dissertation proposal defense look like?

Usually, dissertation proposal defenses are organized according to the following format:

* the presentation itself, which should not be longer than 40-50 minutes;
* the question period, when committee members and anybody from the audience can ask you questions;
* the closed session, when committee members discuss your dissertation proposal defense and come up with the final decision.

Who will be present in the committee?

As a rule, the committee present at a dissertation proposal defense has the following composition: your advisor and three faculty members.

How should one prepare for a dissertation proposal defense?

Your preparation for the dissertation proposal defense should start far beforehand. These are basic steps to follow:

* choose your committee and get it approved;
* submit your dissertation proposal 2-4 weeks before the defense;
* decide on the date of your dissertation proposal defense and get it approved;
* prepare your presentation, practice.

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