Research Proposal Topics: Choosing, Investigating, Developing

Research Proposal Topics: Choosing, Investigating, Developing When you signed up for your research project, you knew about the necessity to write a research proposal, but had no idea that your proposal also requires a topic.

Yes, research proposals do have a topic, but this fact should not confuse you or make you feel nervous. A research proposal topic is just a formality; it can be different from the topic of your project. Very often, research proposals topics are used in a research proposal outline, for instance, or in drafts that you discuss with a supervisor.

Anyway, if such term as a research proposal topic exists, there are definitely some peculiarities you should know and keep in mind. Let us present them right now.

Choosing research proposal topics

Try to come up with a possible research proposal topic as soon as possible. Maybe, there is no need to work on it too hard, because most probably you will change it. What you can do is simply look through some textbooks related to your subject and project and try to transform headings that best describe your future research into topics.

Investigating research proposal topics

Once a research proposal topic is defined, you have to investigate it. Investigation boils down to reviewing literature, scientific works, etc. To organize information you collect, use note cards. In fact, this step is the beginning of your future literature review chapter.

Developing a research proposal topic

Finally, you have to develop your research proposal topic into a specific research question. The previous investigation stage should help you with this. For instance, did some specific questions come up to your mind when you read scientific works? Did you pay special attention to something? Jot down all ideas you have and then think what can be transformed into a research question.

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