An APA Research Paper: a Thing that Does Not Exist

An APA Research Paper: a Thing that Does Not Exist Generally speaking, there is no such academic assignment as an APA research paper. This combination means that you should write and format your term paper in APA style (basing on the citation style of American Psychological Association). Still, many students consider strict following of any citation style a complex skill and therefore, such definition was designed.

So, our task today is to explain how to format an APA research paper, a thing that does not exist.
APA research papers: in-text citation

The core of any APA style research paper lies in the proper way of citing. Let us take a closer look at the APA citation style.

The basic form of citing in APA research papers is in-text citation. This means that you can include the phrases of other writers directly in your APA research paper. When borrowing some sentence or phrase, make sure you enclose it in quotation marks. Then, make proper reference. It follows the quotation marks, in parentheses. Mention the last name of the author and proceed with the year of publication.

Period. Your citation is formatted. As you can see, there is nothing complicated.

APA research papers: references

Bibliography is a bit more complex part of an APA research paper. It should be placed at the very end of the paper, on a separate page or pages. Bibliography should be called “References” in APA research papers. So, how should we arrange entries? Follow this simple list:

1. Author’s last name
2. Initial letter of the first name
3. Year of publication (in parentheses)
4. Title
5. City of publication
6. Publisher’s name

See, there is nothing special. Usually, you have more than one entry in the References list of your APA research paper. Organize entries in alphabetical order and, if some entry is too long, indent the second line of each entry at least 0.50 inches in length.

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