A Research Proposal Outline: Avoid Problems before They Emerge

A Research Proposal Outline: Avoid Problems before They Emerge We often advise to treat every paper as a construction set: divide your ideas into the main points, split each of them into sub-points, and elaborate them separately. This is a basic pattern of writing a research paper.

When talking about a research proposal outline, we presuppose the same construction set. The only difference is what parts we are going to use.

A research proposal outline depicts the evolvement of your problem.

The first part, INTRODUCTION, deals with the main subject of your studies. Here you should explain an approximate history of the chosen problem. You may think this part of research proposal outlines is unnecessary. But believe us, you are wrong. Background understanding gives you awareness of the scopes of your studies, things you should avoid, and a general direction for you to move in.

You should precisely state your problem and thesis in the introduction of the research proposal outline. Problem statement is a very important matter and it should be done before you start writing. Introducing the exactly formulated wording in your research proposal outline gives you precise knowledge of what you should do instead of vague suggestions on what you can do.

In the LITERATURE REVIEW part of your research proposal outline, talk about the current research field. Your paper should base on the studies of previous researchers. Make a plan of reading for yourself, create a list of sources you should definitely know and read, describe them in your research proposal outline.

Finally, you should have some ideas of what methods you are going to use. This will present the METHODOLOGY section of your research proposal outline. Describe the direction of your investigation, validity and scopes of used techniques.

Thus, we advise you to write research proposal outlines even if you do not have to. Organizing your working process in advance will help you avoid problems before they even emerge.

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