Biography Book Reports: Alternatives to a Mere List of Facts

Biography Book Reports: Alternatives to a Mere List of Facts Have you already looked through free biography book reports? Have you noticed something common between them? Probably, the main common feature you could notice is that all biography book reports are pretty boring, organized in a standard way, like lists of biographical facts.

Yes, we should admit it that a few students really like making biography book reports and know how to make them thrilling. It seems like you do not belong to them. Then, let us share some secrets with you on how to make creative and interesting biography book reports.

First, let us remind you a typical biography book report form.

* You choose a biography, read it, and write your report.
* The first paragraph of biography book reports is usually devoted to general facts about a person like the date and place of his/her birth, family details, early life, things that helped to shape person’s character, etc.
* The second chapter is devoted to things that this person is famous for: works, findings, contributions, etc.
* The last chapter of biography book reports presents explanations of why people should know about this personality, how he/she inspired the writer of this report.

No matter how great the main character of your biography book report is, your paper can still bore a teacher to death if you use standard approaches to writing.

Here is a list of alternative biography book report ideas you can try.

1. Draw a map that will indicate all places that the person you are writing about has ever been to.
2. Make a kind of poster or collage that presents the main events from the life of your person. Cut out pictures from magazines to prepare such poster.
3. Make your report in the form of a diary written by your person. Try to imitate his/her style.

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