Novel Book Reports: How to Prepare the Best One

Novel Book Reports: How to Prepare the Best One Making a novel book report might be a bit more difficult than writing, for instance, a short story book report. Sure, the main reason lies in the word “novel”. Usually, novels are rather long and sometimes difficult to understand.

This is why you should keep in mind the following main rule of writing novel book reports: read the necessary novel at least 2 weeks before getting down to your novel book report. Make notes while reading, jot down your ideas and opinions, make short summaries of some chapters, underline important passages and quotes.

Believe us, these preliminary steps will make the process of writing your novel book report much easier. You cannot keep everything in mind, can you? Another important thing you should do is learn the main elements that a good novel book report should include. These elements are a protagonist, antagonist, plot, setting, conflict, theme, and climax.

Here are more details on how to discuss these elements in your novel book report.

1. In the first paragraph of your novel book report, identify and give details about a protagonist (a positive character in the novel), an antagonist (a bad character). Describe where the novel takes place. Define the conflict of the story.
2. The second paragraph of your novel book report will be devoted to the plot and climax. Retelling the plot might be the most challenging part of your work. Most probably, you will have to stick to a certain word or page limit, which means you cannot plunge into too many details. Make sure you leave enough space in your novel book report to talk about the climax (that point where the conflict of the story begins to be solved).
3. In the third paragraph of your novel book report, define the main themes raised in the story.

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